About Me

Hi, I’m Y, which is kind of funny because in Japanese, the pronunciation “wai” is like the English “yay”, and the letter Y looks slightly like somebody cheering with their arms raised. My Internet handle is MugenHAN, the kanji for which means Infinite Half in English. However, the HAN part is usually denoted in katakana because I originally coined it as an acronym, which stands for “Heihachi And Naisho”. Naisho meaning “secret” in English. Which means even this handle contains a secret about me (hehe). Originally, I chose the name to just mean “Infinite Heihachi And Naisho”, but I figured “Infinite Half” sounded cooler. I came up with the Mugen part because of my friend’s interest in Honda sports cars. It’s kind of complicated, but that’s the story about my handle. As for my surname, I just shorted it to Y for anonymity. Not very original, but it was the first thing that came to mind and it just stuck after all these years.

In a nutshell… I love manga/anime character design. I write manga-style fiction and I draw manga, but I don’t practice enough to produce the best art. My favorite artists are Murata RANGEYuuki HagureIizuki TasukuShirahane Nao (DMYO)PiromizuKko, and Koku. I also like Japanese pop culture, and I have some rather overpowered computer skills that allow me to purchase, download, watch, archive, and stream Japanese media like: anime, drama, TV shows, music, CMs, PVs, etc.

It’s kind of ironic because I love art, specifically the manga/anime art style that originated in Japan. I started out my obsession watching Ranma Nibun No Ichi when I was younger back in 1995 or so. I never imagined that it would turn me into a full blown otaku who imported thousands of dollars worth of anime, manga, JPop, plamo, and other various merchandise. I supported the industry for many years until I decided that living in debt was no way to live. I quit cold turkey and have been spending many years trying to pay off my debts, but life kept getting in the way and I kept losing my focus. I’m getting close to finishing that debt off, and kept a flexible yet rigid budget for when the debt is paid off so that I don’t fall in again… hopefully. I want to go back to Japan to visit a few times and it costs money, so I have to start saving as soon as possible. At the same time, I also want to see the rest of the world, which will require even more savings! But the goal is not impossible and I don’t have to go broke doing it either.

Aside from anime related works, I’m also a fan of other pop culture (POPUKARU) media (such as drama, music, movies, etc.) and art nude photography of pretty ladies from around the world (from sites like MET-ART and Hegre-Art). I personally find Slavic girls to be the most beautiful in the world (sorry, Japanese girls).

I never thought of myself as part of the moe movement, but I do like those kind of character traits, so I guess I sort of am. That was roundabout.