Sis puella magica!

Hora hora! It’s another post from yours truly, and it’s about anime! The world has really come to an end, hasn’t it?

Two years later…

It’s only been a year and change since I last posted anything, but it’s been two years since Japan made my heart go doki-doki. Heck, I barely even used or studied my nihongo during that time. I didn’t know why, but I lost interest in everything Japan. What happened?

My apologies for neglecting HANSHOU.

I’M SORRY. >_<

The one with the Veronika F Challenger wallpaper.

A nude wallpaper featuring Veronika F of Met-Art fame created by yours truly!


Has anybody played the PSP game, Yuusha 30? It’s a fun game, and can easily be done in small doses. Not that it’s a super easy game either, but I digress. If you haven’t picked up the soundtrack, now would be a good time to do so, because I’ve just added the romaji to VGMdb! […]

Site layout, change up!

Well, you may have noticed that my site layout changed almost two months ago. I’ve been busy trying to keep up with life and all its surprises. Recently, I went to Ai-kon in Winnipeg – my first convention ever. It was pretty good; not awesome, but good. I’ll eventually start blogging again, now that I’ve […]

The one with Japan postponed and Hatsune Miku RABU~.

No Japan, no anime/game/character stuff, no buying, but lots of working. Quite possibly the worst post EVAR. Not the best way to kick off 2009. T_T

The one with Becky Ellis. Yummy.

Featuring Macenstein’s November 2008 Mac Chick of the Month.

Catching up on anime.

With changes at work (and due to illness), I found myself with some free time, so I used that sparingly to catch up on some recent anime series I’ve neglected to watch this past spring season. To LOVE Ru -Toraburu-, ROSARIO To VAMPIRE, and Kanokon. Ahh, nothing like fanservice-y, romukomu, harem anime!

The one with the Nihon no ryokou.

In a nutshell: I’m going to Japan in May!!! Time to brush up on my Nihongo. Benkyou, benkyou!