The one with naked girls that remind me of famous girls.

Art nudes post with models that resemble famous celebrities.

The one with Orsi and Justine Jewel.

An art nudes post featuring Orsi from Hegre-Art and Justine Jewel from Met-Art.

The one with the four-way orgy post.

An art nude compilation featuring four girls from Hegre-Art and Met-Art.

The one with the ode to Jula, my improbable future wife.

NSFW header of Jula from Hegre-Art featured, including source images.

The one with Elle B’s portable titties.

Proud to have Elle B from Met-Art represent the portable titties community.

By the way, work sucks.

It really does.

The one with the completed server move.

Server move complete.
Excuses for not posting.
Griping, actually.
That was actually a haiku… but, I digress.
Geeking out about plamo, as usual.
In case you’re reading this excerpt, it’s NSFW in the full post. ^_~

The one with the third or fourth server move.

– I’m moving!
– I’m consolidating!
– Now 50% less fat and 25% more otaku!

The one with Mindy Main, best prawn star EVAR.

That’s right, no words required. Wait, these are words. Dammit! 以上。。。であります。

The one with all work and no play.

– There’s actually some play, but not much.
– Although this blog may as well be dead, I still have plans to revitalize it as originally planned.
– Order updates.
– Unintentional review of Amigo’s new album (unintentional?!).