I lost my tooth in the war.

The war against gingivitis can be full of grief and joy. In my case, I was on the losing side. Ah, hell with the dramatics. I went to the dentist two days ago, and he pulled out the broken part of my tooth, to check to see if it was deep below the gum. If it wasn’t, then he could send me to a specialist who would repair the damage, and then I could get the root canal required.

He yanked it out, and consequently, he saved me a trip to Winnipeg. Unfortunately, that meant he had to extract the tooth. It was an experience I’ll never forget. Plus, it was weird.

Drank cold water for 24 hours, constantly replaced gauze to clot up the bleeding, barely got any sleep, but watched all of Ichigo Mashimaro. Came down with a slight case of a cold flu – perhaps from being at work, or downtown on the way to (or from) the dental clinic. Had to call in sick for work the next day. The next day was spent reading manga until 12:30, when I could finally eat something. Soup, it was. Rinsed periodically with salt water, watched a couple movies (The Mexican and Dune Extended Edition), and finally felt healed up enough to floss and brush.

Overall, I give this tooth extraction experience a 6/10 on the suckiness scale. Compared to getting all four wisdom teeth pulled at the same time, this was almost hardly worth my time, and would have only gotten a 4/10 if I didn’t catch a small cold flu.

Back at work… not much else to say, but I have a lot to catch up on.

About Ichigo Mashimaro – very cute and funny in a slice-of-life way. Miu was comatose more times than Frodo got stabbed, though. Never did get around to reading the manga… I think I have it sitting around here somewhere.

Still working on the website. I haven’t even gotten to porting my stylesheet over, though. I’ve been methodically editing each and every entry for out-of-date info, proper categorization, link updating, stylizing, and HTML flops-a-la-FrontPage-style. Don’t ask me how many more entries I have left to go, I only know that I have a little under two years worth of entries. Who knows how much that is?


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