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Dennis has a Logitech G15. They normally retail for $110, but NCIX has them for $72. I’ve been thinking about getting one, but then I would need a new mouse to match. Fortunately, Logitech has the G7 Laser Cordless, – retails for $140, at NCIX for $96.

The really cool thing about the keyboard is the Start Menu lock. Don’t forget the 18 programmable keys. Or the LCD HUD.

The mouse is quite possibly the greatest work of ingenuity I’ve ever seen. Never worry about sticking your mouse on the charger again, because the provided USB battery charger keeps a battery charging while you use the other one. Since the mouse can track up to 2000 dpi, having a battery that’s easily swappable can come in handy if you game a lot. With the engineering background of Logitech, you never have to worry about having a mouse that feels cheap in your hand.

I’ve always been a Microsoft peripheral advocate, but they haven’t been putting out the best stuff in the world recently. Their current line of keyboards insist on splitting all the function keys in groups of three, rather than the normal groups of four. Their current Intellimouse Explorer made accessing the side buttons difficult, and the tilt wheel turned out to be flaky. They’d better get themselves back in gear. This time, I’m opting for Logitech.

Went for lunch with James H yesterday, then I went over to his place after work. He was watching 24, a TV show I had heard lots about, but never really saw. Well, I saw, and I enjoyed. I may just pick up the box set. After that, Jordan showed up with some movie rentals – James went with Zathura. What?

I hate kids movies – because they glorify kids and give them the ridiculous idea that they can go on an adventure and fare better than adults. Take Spy Kids for example. Kill me already. However, I hadn’t watched the movie, and Jordan made a point that I shouldn’t be quick to judge when I haven’t seen more than the previews. Okay, fine. We watched it. I had to admit, the movie was very easy to get into, since I do like sci-fi. However, those annoying kids kept fighting and – oh my god, is that kiddy angst?? – the characters were really unlikeable, with the exception of Tim Robbins, Kristen Stewart (playing the token hot sister), and Dax Shepard. Of course, though, because they weren’t whining and fighting the entire time! I don’t understand why siblings fight and torture each other – I’ve never had a problem with that growing up. Sure, we had our disagreements, but we just walked away if it came to that. Anyway, long story short, my verdict is this – the movie itself was good (although very Jumanji-clichéd), but the characters need to grow up. Of course, there’s a lesson about that, but I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t watched it (and actually want to, unlike me).

We could’ve watched more 24, but it wasn’t my home.

Got in a couple parcels as well. I’ll post them later when I get pictures of them. I’ll post reviews shortly afterwards.

Did some reading up on the WordPress system. Lots of options available. You can change the templates in addition to the CSS. This will make porting my Blogger over that much easier. Yay!

Watched the first two episodes of REC when I got home last night. Here are some complete summaries for episodes 1 and 2. My opinion – I liked it. I’m definitely looking forward to the next episode.


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