Major Repairs – Part 1

The Altima went into Canadian Tire this past weekend. The blower fan started making noise, so I had them order a new one and replace it. The muffler has been broken for several months now, but unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of it. Anyway, I had them order a new muffler as well, but at the same time, I wanted a nice tip with a fat rim, so I saw what they had in stock, saw one that I liked, and took it. They put the muffler on and bolted the new tip on it. It looks nice and edgy.

Placeholder for a picture of the new tip (sorry, weather is bad right now and having a digicam out in the rain is not a good idea).

The instrument cluster was ordered a few weeks ago, but it still hasn’t arrived yet. Hopefully, when it comes in, it will repair my speedometer and cruise control.

More parts are on order. Both CV boots for the front CV axle, to eliminate the scratching noises. Both coil springs for the rear, since one is broken and the other is damaged, causing a loud banging sound.

My brakes probably need a checkup at the same time, but I was thinking about upgrading to a Brembo braking system. I also want some nicer performance suspension, so I’ll have to check with CT for that. Later on, I need to get some nicer rims, Altezza lights for the front and back, and a cold air intake filter. Only minor changes here, I’m trying to keep it as stock as possible, but with goodies to separate it from the rest (the color change wasn’t enough). ^_^

So, yeah, I’ve been hitting up CT a lot for my repairs. Well, for one thing – they have the tools and experience. They also have warranty. I’m pretty much going to be replacing everything under the car through them, and then it’s on to the rust repair at the body shop. Basically, I want to have a well tuned machine with completely brand new parts. I don’t have a lot of time anymore, but I still want to see this project finished.

When it’s done? I’m thinking of a 350Z as a winter/summer car. That way, the Altima can stay in the garage through the winter. Yeah, I know that the 350Z is kind of expensive to shoot for, but hey, you only live once, and you can’t take the money with you when it’s over.

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