Manga Maiko.

Taking a cue from my new art sensei (who suggested that I draw real life as opposed to anime), I decided to give it a try. Mind you, the face still ended up anime-ish. Well… nothing I can do about that. My brother is the one with the skills to draw real life, not me. Anyway… I think it turned out well. I grabbed a picture of AV actress, Kazano Maiko, whom I’m sure all you AV otaku out there know and love, and sketched it as the basis for my work. It didn’t turn out half bad, but my biggest problem is drawing without guidelines. I think I need to work on that, since guidelines are the main reason why my work is too unbalanced. Darn, I was never good at geometric shapes. But, it’s like they say, you can’t draw a ball if you can’t draw a circle.

WARNING! Tasteful nudity ahead.


2006 EDIT: On second thought, this turned out pretty bad compared to my usual drawings.

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