NANACA CRASH!! is a fan-made Flash game based on the characters from CROSS CHANNEL, an eroge for PC (and dating sim for PS2). Launch Nanaca on her bike into Taichi. The further he goes, the higher your score. If he crashes into certain characters, his speed may speed up or slow down. Be on the lookout for concurrent character combos! Good luck!

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Post your high scores!

2016-06-25 UPDATE: There’s an updated version for Android on Google Play here!

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  1. 576.12m =)

  2. 4239.43m

  3. 1279.46m
    ps: while waiting for chick of the day :p

  4. I got 400 meters on my second try. I didn’t know about the special stuff, so I eventually got 1200.24. Not as good as 4200, but not bad.

  5. i got 3499.42m

  6. 749.74m – not the greatest, but still made me laugh harder than I have in a long time

  7. Been a while since I last fooled around with this time waster – 3857.82m!

  8. 8 years later, I’m playing a few rounds and score the best combos all in one shot to get 5844.29m! Also, there’s an Android version for mobile now with new skins!

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