New Heihachi.

You know, I thought that months of no drawing practice would have rendered me drawing-handicapped or something, but this came out to be a surprise. This is the actual first color drawing I did on my Jam Studio tablet – and it didn’t turn out too bad. Mind you, I have a long ways to go, but, wow. Hahaha, of course, the first thing I draw is a naked guy. Hahahaha! Seriously, though, this is the new design for my online manga alter-ego, Heihachi. Taking a cue from the new HIOS Life manga I’ll be making, this design was inspired by the old saying, “write what you know”. In this case, I’m applying it to my drawing as well, drawing what I know. Maybe I don’t look like this yet, but my hair is slow to grow, and I’ve already decided what I want my hair to look like when it finally reaches the desired length. Also, I reflected the face design off my inner feelings, how I feel, right on to my face. It’s uncanny how I don’t look like this on the outside, but when I hold in my emotions, this is the person on the inside – intense, vulnerable, alone, and most of all – serious. Drawing, I suppose, is easy on computer. There are no pencil marks or smudges to worry about. I’m in my element, using all the PSP tools I am familiar with at my disposal. With care and patience, I can spit out a drawing like this in a couple hours. Just imagine what a small panel will look like. If all my drawings can look like this – it’s gonna be fun in the future. Oh, yes. Mind you, I still don’t think I’m ready enough to start the manga, so I’ll just settle for doing a drawing like this every night or two. I hope.

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