Social night, NANA, further WordPress fixes.

Last night, Eugene’s new band, Breaking The Silence, went on stage for the first time at a social, opening for Dreadnaut. I decided to get some video footage with my camcorder, since they had three original songs written and ready to perform, and Eugene wanted me to accompany Jennilee, since she didn’t know anybody else well enough in town. So, I charged up my camcorder as much as I could, and went off for a loud night at a small venue. The crowd was wild, amazingly enough, for this little town of ours. The band did well enough, but Natashia forgot the lyrics to Disturbed’s Stricken and the band fell out of synch with each other for one of their other originals (I’ll post the name of the song when I remember it). Anyway, when Dreadnaut took the stage, they rocked the house. A little after the last song, I drove Jennilee back to the house, since Eugene needed to stay back and gather up his equipment. Apparently, the body language for nausea and yawning are interchangeable (inside joke).

This morning, I woke up and read some Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge manga, and then I watched NANA, the movie based on the second most-popular manga for last year. What a great movie. I hadn’t read the manga yet, but I will be after watching this movie. I really love Nakashima Mika, so it was a pleasure to see her act in this movie as the wild rocker, Nana. I also managed to catch up on a few episodes of ARIA The Animation, which finished on TV not too long ago. I’m bad at keeping up with shows, but I’m slowly trying to change that.

I went to post this entry after that, and something weird happened – my WordPress wasn’t working. It kept linking back to my local WordPress install or returning with 404 errors. I did some further reading on the WordPress site, and found out that I didn’t change the domain name links in my SQL database before importing it. Whoops. So, I took this opportunity to upgrade my WordPress installation to the latest version (since the auto-installer had an older version) before importing back the fixed database. I also found out something neat about phpmyadmin – you can actually import by using the SQL tab at the top and running it as a script. However, be forewarned – using phpmyadmin to export and import databases doesn’t preserve unicode. I found that out by experimenting today. The MySQL Administrator will do it fine.

Hopefully, this will be the last time in a while that I’ll have to tear my WordPress installation apart. Everything appears to be fine after doing a quick post by post comparison with my local WordPress install.


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