The one with Spider-Man 3.

Eugene and I headed out to Winnipeg right after work on Friday. Amazingly, I didn’t get any sleep the whole trip down. Am I getting better at driving on the highway? No, but sleeping early to get lots of sleep on Thursday night helped.

However, I did lots of driving all day yesterday. I’m so sick of driving right now, it’s not even funny. Eugene wanted to go to a ton of places all over Winnipeg, and it just totally drained me because they were so far apart from each other. Both of my phones died because I didn’t have time to charge them. Also, the place we’re staying at is far south in the city, so it’s almost a journey just to go anywhere. I’d like to go home today, since Shrek 3 isn’t playing until next week and I really have nothing left to do here, but Eugene is still asleep and he won’t want to leave until tomorrow.

Had lunch at Mongo’s Grill yesterday. They’re a Mongolian stir-fry place, buffet style, where you gather all the ingredients you want and queue up to get it stir-fried in a huge circular grill among other orders. It’s so fast and efficient, and the food turns out great (because you’re pretty much in charge of it all). I wanted to take a video of the whole process, but you need both hands to get your ingredients. Anyway, they’re all the way out on Regent, so it was a long drive to get there – Eugene told me it was on McPhillips, so because of that incorrect street name, I drove in the wrong direction. He argues that I should’ve trusted him when he said I was going the wrong way, but if he actually said the correct street name, we wouldn’t have had to waste half an hour of driving. Therefore, it was completely his fault. Anyway, Mongo’s is apparently successful that they’re opening a second location on Kenaston. Nice!

We picked up Ian and Jazmine and ate supper at Olive Garden. Unfortunately, because of my bad memory and their weird menu, I ended up ordering the same thing I ordered last year when I last went there. Not impressed. If I were to drop a card in their suggestion box, it would be to make more food with no dairy products available on their menu. Either that, or I should find another Italian restaurant to eat at. After eating, we hit SilverCity, bought our tickets, and had over an hour to spare. We ended up hitting Chapters where I bought manga that I really shouldn’t have, and the latest FHM UK. They didn’t have the latest Maxim UK with Michelle Marsh, so I’m going to check Chapters at St. Vital today. Oh, and when I say the latest issues, I mean last month’s issues. For some strange reason, Canada is only able to import UK magazines a month late. I noticed this when I saw the prior month’s issues in Toronto during the Montreal trip. Weird, eh? A little off-topic here, but I got two issues of Zoo Weekly from eBay UK with the delectable Vikki Blows in them. If you don’t know, she’s currently my most favorite Brit babe.

After Chapters, we dropped Jazmine off at home and headed off to watch Spider-Man 3. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as the hype made it out to be. Don’t take it the wrong way, it was a good movie, but it just wasn’t as good as I was expecting it to be (which leads me to believe that I’m going to be disappointed with Transformers this July). I liked the struggling friendship storyline between Peter and Harry, but Sandman’s storyline just didn’t fit in with the rest of the movie, other than to provide a punching bag for Peter and a partner for Venom. Personally, I think that Topher Grace was a terrible casting choice for Eddie Brock, and the way they ended the movie made sure that the writers would have to totally destroy what little is left of the original comic’s timeline in order to make a fourth movie. Despite Brock’s suckiness, Venom was cool, albeit a bit under-sized. Spider-Pimp was pretty funny as well. Stan Lee should stop doing cameos.

So far, one thing is for certain, and I’ve noticed this every time I’m in the city – Winnipeg girls are the hottest I’ve seen anywhere, and I’m not just talking about Hooters. Go, Winnipeg!


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