The one that got caught in the rain.

So, my car went in the shop on Saturday. I would have mentioned it a couple posts ago, but I thought I’d be blogging about it in my Nissan Altima category by now. Anyway, it’s Wednesday, and the damn car is STILL in the shop. Apparently, there were more problems than what we all initially thought. Once the parts came off, crap like the strut mounts and the control arm bushings were bunk, so parts had to be ordered. You know how ordering parts from out of town goes. Anyway, I hope to get my car before the weekend so that I can put it into another shop to get the remote/security system put in, but that probably won’t happen.

Anyway, I was getting to the best part of the story – as a result, I had no transportation for work. I’m surprised I made it this far without going anywhere major for work. Sooner or later, though, the jig’ll be up and I’ll have piles of calls that need to be done by the end of the week. Thank goodness for long weekends.

So, yeah – on with the story, already. I made an appointment to fix a home PC yesterday. I called the person, and told them I’d be a little late because I had no transportation and that I’d be walking – no biggie, though, since it was only a short walk away. When I left, it was a bit cloudy out, and it was drizzling by the time I got a quarter of the way there. No problem, a little bit of rain never hurt anybody. I had a spare long-sleeved shirt in my backpack, so I got into a dry spot, pulled out the shirt and put it on before continuing on my way. When I got halfway there, it was a full-on downpour. Baka baka baka! During lunch, I impulsively grabbed some random gel product that my aunt had lying around in the bathroom of the restaurant and styled my hair. (Yeah, I had lunch at the restaurant, but that’s because I’m supposed to be budgeting.) Turns out that unlike my regular glue stuff, this gel was not very water resistant – in fact, it was very water soluble. Because of that fact, it was dripping down my head and over my face, getting into my eyes and stinging them, making it very hard to see anything. Amazingly enough, I made it to my destination and fixed their PC, made my money, and left. Dennis needed some help or something – who cares – and I did that, but when I got home, I checked my backpack, which protected my back from the rain, but suffered a lot. I checked the contents, and although there were some wet spots, nothing was damaged – but my laptop was dripping wet.

Being the technician smart-ass that I am, I dried the surface as best as I could with towels, removed the battery, and then proceeded to take the whole thing apart to check for any internal condensation. Some water did make it inside, and I dabbed most of it away with a lint-free cloth, and left it out to dry for a good 24 hours. I just put it back together again a few minutes ago, and it seems as though all is well. Whew.

I had a little ongoing incident with a color laser printer, but I’ll leave that to another exciting entry.


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