The one that was more than meets the eye.

It’s official. They’ve announced the Transformers live-action movie. Unfortunately, Michael Bay is directing it. Michael Bay directed Bad Boys, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, and The Island. I thought The Island was not a bad movie, but that’s most likely because of Scarlett Johansson. Even though Steven Spielberg is executive producer, I just have a feeling that they’re going to slaughter the movie. Already, you can tell things are not going to be favorable to the fans. Hollywood fraks up movies. It’s a known fact. Say good-bye to the cool theme song, the transforming sound effect, and maybe even the character designs. Screw Hollywood and their fascist beliefs. Do what the frakking fans want for a change.

Well, it’s Friday, and tomorrow, I’m heading off to Winnipeg in the early morning with Esmond to watch Superman Returns in the theaters. Anybody interested in joining up? I wanted to get a big group to go see it, but people have so many conflicting schedules with me.

I finished my latest Psycho Metal Mix. I’m sure Ian will like it, it’s a bit different than what I usually make.

So, what’s new in Japanese media? I got in the first volume (volume 0?) of Suzumiya HARUHI No Yuu Utsu. It’s just the Asahina Mikuru No Bouken video made by SOS Dan, but I got the limited edition, which includes the soundtrack and radio bangumi CD. The second volume is now available for preorder on Neowing (which I already made). I also started watching Joshikousei “GIRL’S HIGH” and Ouran Koukou HOST Bu. Both are extremely funny, but I’m enjoying Joshikousei more. The soundtracks for .hack//Roots and Fate/stay night are on the way. Ar tonelico really does have one of the best game soundtracks I’ve ever heard in a very long time – I’ve even modified Shinryoku No Daichi as my cell’s ringtone. Nakashima Mika’s foray into gospel and choir music is unsettling, to say the least. Bring back the blues and jazz!!

Esmond graduated two days ago. I went to his grad ceremony with my camcorder in hand, and I happened to run into Priss, who was also graduating. My family also had friend with them, so I ended up filming for a few families. I’ll have to get cracking on getting that done after the weekend. Monday, perhaps, since it’s a float holiday.

Gotta finish work as fast as possible today… still have to pack somewhat and make some more music for the trip this weekend.


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