The one where Atreyu should have been a solo concert.

Last night’s concert was not bad, but not the best either. Story of the Year couldn’t be there, and we missed Silverstein because we were late by 30 minutes. When we did get there, we caught As I Lay Dying, and they were great. They set up the stage in such a way so that the new, small acts could play on a small nook on the left side while the big acts prepared to play on the right side. Not a lot of the new acts caught my attention, except for one, but I missed their name. Anyway, Eugene and Esmond needed drinks at around 18:45, so we all went to Quizno’s while another new band was playing. While they were waiting for their food and drinks, I decided to go check out who was playing, and as I got closer to an entrance, I heard Bleeding Mascara playing, so I ran full tilt to get Esmond and Eugene. Eugene was still waiting for his food, so he agreed to meet us on the floor when he got his food. We made it on to the floor (dammit, MTS Center is too big!!) on time to catch The Crimson. Then, they started playing Ex’s And Oh’s. Eugene made it by the middle of the song after scarfing down his food, and then we went into the mosh pit just on time for Right Side Of The Bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111oneoneone

After that, they played Creature, Her Portrait In Black, and Lip Gloss And Black. Awesome set, but they should have been the main act, or at least at the end. The line-up for their band signing was so long and they had to cut it off after an hour, unlike the other bands that were there, so it tells you something, eh?

Anyway, Deftones was good too, blah blah blah. Oh, well, breakfast, run some errands for work, and then the long drive home!


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