The one where Esmond returns.

SIMOUN - AERU and NEVIRIL on the cover of OST 2.
SIMOUN – AERU and NEVIRIL on the cover of OST 2

Esmond is coming back for the long weekend! Yaaaaay!!

Actually, I’m way more excited than that, but you have to tone the emotion down for online, or else you might blow a switch or something. It’s all because of the emo floating around. Darn teenagers.

So, not much is going on. Really. I just wanted to post some pretty pictures. I’m trying to think of what to put on my iPod next. Music-wise, I think I’m good for now, but video-wise, the possibilities are endless. Maybe the KERORO Gunsou movie. However, I’m having a bit of trouble with the SKY GIRLS OVA. The video is already in an MP4 container with x.264 video, but I suspect that the audio is in MP3 instead of AAC, so QuickTime and the iPod seems to not like playing it – the video runs fine, but the audio skips a lot. Darn you, audio!

In other iPod related topics, I noticed that XtremeMac is selling some custom skins with special images on them, like the Superman and Batman logos. I bet Dennis would probably foam at the mouth if he ever saw the Superman one. Since I know that he reads my blog, here’s the link. Foam away. Anyway, since I’ve seen these skins, I’ve been wondering if Japan will ever release any anime skins. Only time will tell. In the meantime, the best (and most expensive) case available has to be the iSkin Claro. Yowza, just seeing the extra slim packs on top of that makes me shiver. Still, a glow in the dark slim would be kinda cool.

I still haven’t constructed the third bookshelf I bought, so I should get cracking on that right away.

Inukami! - Nadeshiko and Youko
Inukami! – Nadeshiko and Youko

Yet another series I haven’t seen yet. It looks cute. Well… okay, the girls look cute. I love the character designs… and the name, Nadeshiko! Hahaha.

Fate/stay night - Shy SABER in a bikini!
Fate/stay night – Shy SABER in a bikini

This image was done by the same artist who drew that sexy RIDER I posted earlier. Nice.


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