The one where Heihachi became Matrix.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve lifted the restriction on commenting by user account only, and now you can comment on my entries without signing up for an account! I found suitable captcha verification and trackback spam blocking plugins for WP. I was originally looking at implementing OpenID, but that’s just a lot of work I don’t have time for at the moment, so this will do until I find some more time.

During my trip to Winnipeg last July for Ian and Jazmine’s wedding, I was following a Toyota Matrix from Grand Rapids to Ashern, where I stopped for gas, and then I did some crazy speeding until I caught back up with the Matrix, because that car was going at a comfortable speed that I liked. “Let’s show them how it’s done, Matrix,” I’d said back then.

This time around, I appeared to be the one doing the leading, as this one car followed me from Ponton to Grand Rapids. Mind you, when I stopped for gas, it kept going. No problem, I did some more leading later on of other cars. I became… Matrix. “Matrix, you taught me well, now we are equals.”

Anyway, as you probably know by now, I’m in Winnipeg. It was quite a crazy trip. I passed two police cars, one police SUV, and a police speed trap. Don’t worry, I didn’t get pulled over because I am a tricky bastard now. No more speeding tickets for me, no sir.

I left at about 12:15 yesterday after an annoying morning at Canada Post, followed by annoyances in the office. I ended up in the city at 19:00, an hour earlier than projected. Good, good. I drove straight to Portage Place (well, technically, the parking spot behind Portage Place on Ellice) and met up with Ian, who was working at TS. Since I had about an hour and a half to kill, I chatted with him and his co-worker, Kendall (Wall Pandya?), for 30 minutes, and then I forged out to the rest of the mall. I needed some new pants, since my current ones were getting old. Not tattered or ripped – old. My current pants are snowboarding cargo pants, which have the resilience of margarine while left out in the sun. I bought mine almost eight years ago when I was still in high school. They look old and worn, but they aren’t torn or ripped anywhere. The only issue is the rubber tightening lace at the bottom – it’s starting to fall apart. So, with that in mind, I went to International Clothiers (because Stitches has become a sissy, ghetto, streetwear store) and found a couple of cargo casuals… not snowboarding pants, however, but at 20 bucks a pair with a snug fit, I got those. Then, I hit HMV. What a mistake. I found the 24 (Season 2) DVD box set on sale for $25, so I HAD to buy that. I was on my way to the anime store when I restrained myself and went to the food court to find something to eat. I ended up going to Starbucks and ordering an iced green tea. Not bad, really. You can tell it’s made with somewhat real ingredients. I went back to TS and waited for Ian to get off work, then we went back to his place, picked up Jazmine, and hit Meiji Sushi for supper. After settling in and watching the FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDREN DVD I bought for Ian (seriously, d00d… dubbed?!?!), we settled in for the night where I actually slept in. Now I’m up, full of chocolate muffins (made fresh by Jazmine last night) and peppermint tea, and ready to take over Za Warudo (the world, in bad Japanese phoenetics, and in the .hack series)!!

Oh yeah, on my way to Wabowden earlier this week, I was just a few clicks out of Sasagiu when I saw a bald eagle off the side of road, taking off into the air with a rather large rodent in its talons. They live that far north?!?!


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