The one where Heihachi is going to miss KOTOKO.

Anime North just announced their special guest performer at the convention – KOTOKO!!! More details here! O_O

I did a quick estimated calculation of going to Anime North. First, a round trip flight to Toronto would cost roughly $450. Convention admission for the entire weekend would be $45. Hotel would cost $120 a night – three nights total would be $360. At roughly $975 after taxes, it’d be safe to say that I would be able to go, but I’d also need spending money because an entire long weekend at an anime convention would stimulate my consumer urges.

Frack it all. The problem isn’t that I won’t have the money for it – it’s more a question of having the money for it RIGHT NOW. I’d need to book the flight and hotel in advance, and also find a way to get myself to Winnipeg as well (probably another flight). Nope, saving money isn’t a problem, because I could have it all by Friday – if only my company didn’t send me out of town so much this month that it dwindled all my savings so low that I couldn’t even make my monthly loan payment. Nope, Friday’s paycheck is going right back to my loan and overdraft. Unreasonable, perhaps, but realistic. Besides, I wouldn’t want to go to a convention of this magnitude alone – this is something that Ian and I have been wanting to do for years, but since he now has a wife, a job, and a responsibility, this wouldn’t go over well with him, especially at the last minute. I’m just going to do some self-loathing for a while.

Went to Snow Lake today. Received my Neowing orders before I left, of course. Got in my resin statues of Tokiha Mai (from Mai-HiME) and Meg (from Bakuretsu Tenshi), and the Sekai No Chushin De Ai Wo Sakebu special edition movie DVD.


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  1. littlefreeze says


    I wouldn’t want to go to a big convention alone either though. My siblings and I are going to hit up Anime Iowa again this year and we’re discussing doing something bigger next year. . like still driving range but bigger than the 1000 people at AI.

    Oh yeah, I registered special just to make this comment. . .

  2. Actually, ever since I made this post, I’ve been trying to find ways to go anyway, even if I’d be alone. I found cheap flights online and tried to find a strategy to get some extra money. But, alas, it’s all for nothing, as the total lack of cash right now is what’s killing me. My job sucks in such a way that I have to pay for everything job related and then the company will reimburse me later (3 weeks later, to be more exact). So, even if I want to plan these things several months ahead of time, there’d still be no point. Hooray for corporate cheapness!

    You didn’t really have to register! I’m working on implementing the OpenID system on this blog so that you can be logged in to LJ to comment on my site.

  3. littlefreeze says

    sorry it took me so long to get back to this post. . but I forgot. . yeah I know I didn’t have to. . I just thought I would so I could comment and give you a hard time about FORCING me to register!! ^__^ I only do it because I care!! ^__^

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