The one where Heihachi should be a Cylon.

Battlestar Galactica Season 2.0 came out on DVD last week, so I bought it right away!!! Went through the first two discs in record time, but I haven’t had a chance to get to the last disc, since I’ve suddenly gotten busy with fixing stuff for people. However, over the weekend past, I had a chance to watch Aeon Flux, which I also bought with BSG. To be quite honest, I’ve never watched the original animated shorts or series, and I’ve never read the comics. The reason is because the art was too ugly. I hate to say it, but the guy who penciled the art is a very terrible character artist. The rest of the art was okay, but I love character designs more than anything, which is why I’m a big fan of anime. Clean, smooth lines are what I’m all about. So, anyway, back to the movie – I thought it was great. Charlize Theron is a wonderful actress, and she’s got the looks to boot, so she really made the character believable. The fact that they changed everything from the original doesn’t bother me. Judging from what I’ve read on Wikipedia and watching the featurettes on the movie, I’ve determined that the movie is leaps and bounds beyond the original. Sure, there were ideas and such, but there just wasn’t a coherent storyline in them. The movie made one, and I loved the new twist they added into it. For a Hollywood movie, they actually did a good job. I’ve heard bad things about Ultraviolet, but I bet I’ll be watching that one and loving it anyway, since I’m a big fan of its predecessor, Equilibrium. Then again, my primary choice of entertainment comes from Japan, so I’m definitely not western mainstream.

Back to BSG – oh wow. Just when I thought the show couldn’t get any better, it does. The show starts out with Adama critically wounded, Tigh taking over and screwing up, Apollo and Roslin stuck in the brig, and Boomer confined. Not only that, but dissension was building up throughout the entire fleet, and Starbuck was still on Caprica with Helo and the other Boomer. You’d think that nothing could ever fix this, but the writers proved us otherwise, and all before the middle of the season. Bravo!

Anyway, that’s my little slice of western entertainment. On the Japanese front (which is probably the main reason why you’re here), I caught the first episode of WITCHBLADE, and it sure is different. Standard GONZO animation quality, not too spectacular character designs, except when Masane wields the Witchblade, she undergoes a dramatic transformation a la DRAGONBALL Z, but it actually improves her character design, although she needs less armor and more skin… etoo… to stay true to the western design, that is. That’s the ticket. Rihoko-chan is totemo kawaii.

Next up was the Ar tonelico OVA. Kami-sama, I soooooooo want to play this game now that I’ve seen the OVA! Once I get my Visa back under control (aforementioned control was lost during a mass preordering of PVC/resin figures), I’ll probably order it along with FINAL FANTASY XII. I have the OST preordered, if you haven’t seen my Preorders page. I got a chance to listen to the Angela Aki single, but I’m not really too keen on it. Maybe playing the game might change my mind.

Still haven’t watched Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuu Utsu. The biggest anime series of the spring season, and I haven’t even watched an episode yet. Sad.

I’ve been really interested in watching some of those late night dorama series ever since I saw the first episode of Shimokita GLORY DAYS, so I checked out the first episodes of 2ND HOUSE, Jouou, and Tokumei Kakarichou Tadano Hitoshi. So far, I’m really interested in these kinds of dramas – especially with Aoi Sora’s cameo in these series and main role in Jouou. I love Aoi Sora, but I wish she’d stop doing AV and get into this kind of respectable (?) entertainment. Mind you, I don’t want her to stop making hadaka no shashinshuu – at least it’s a form of art. AV is just… not.

Need to change the design of my site categories… I no longer see a need for the Shopping category and its subs, so I’ll be rehashing that sometime in the near future. Instead, I’ll be posting individual pages of stuff I own, kind of like a database or catalog, but in post form. I wanted to do a database for the longest time, so I might just do something like that.

Speaking of shopping, I preordered two more figures and the upcoming Hamasaki Ayumi single. Check it out in the Preorders page, they’re the first three entries.

Got back into WoW – I got tired of my druid (which might explain my lack of playing for two months) and created a new rogue on Runetotem, since the one on Elune is stuck there. Name’s Mikura, if you’re interested in partying.


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