The one where home vacation draws to a close.

Esmond and I have been on home vacation for three weeks. In other words, we had a vacation for three weeks without actually going anywhere or changing our daily lifestyle too much. The reason why it’s been a home vacation is because our parents have been in China for three weeks. If this is news to you, you should read my older entries. As of tonight, they will be back home. It’s going to suck, I know. There’s nothing better than parents going out of town while you stay in their home in comfort. It would have been awesome if I didn’t have to work too.

This past weekend marked the conclusion of our watching Battlestar Galactica on DVD. We reached the end of the season one box set, so now it’s time to start watching the second season. So far, I’m extremely impressed with season one. That episode where they cleverly attacked the Cylon mining colony was awesome!

Speaking of second seasons, I read on the web that Hachikuro renewed for a second season of anime. In addition, they’re making a live-action movie, which will rock!!

Not much going on at the moment. Soooo tired because of my late night sleeping habits recently, no thanks to spring break, which keeps Esmond from sleeping and waking up during regular hours. Hopefully, that will change by tonight, since I’m forcing myself not to sleep. I have to take off to Patrick’s soon to drop off some software for him, and then to the restaurant to do the daily check and thaw the shrimp. Hopefully, I can get home and check my car out (since I have to drive to Snow Lake tomorrow for work) before I have to drive out to the airport to pick up the parents at 20:45.

This week looks rather promising, since my call count is finally down after such a long time. I leave with Esmond to Winnipeg on Friday to hang out with Ian and Jazmine, and attend the Taste of Chaos concert/festival. I recently bought the new Atreyu CD, A Death-Grip On Yesterday, and since they’re performing, I can’t wait to see them in the concert since this CD rocked!

In case you haven’t noticed – yes, the whole return of JGirlChaser thing was an April Fool’s joke. I’d be inviting death through my front door if I brought THAT character back as a mascot.


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