The one where I can’t eat, can’t sleep, I’m sick.

I love this new single from Namie.

Just a quick post before I head off to fix a PC for somebody. NCIX finally shipped my new mouse off, so I’m excited to get it. I also found out that the special edition of Sowelu’s album, Heads or Tails?, is now OOP. Man, I always miss that. But, I found it on Amazon’s site, so I ordered it. Hope they pull through again like they did for Tommy airline!!

Got in my latest order from Neowing a couple days ago, if you haven’t noticed it on my Preorders page yet. Kumi decided to use a cute idol image this time around, and the song’s not bad either. The ARIA The NATURAL soundtrack was something else, though. All the same kinds of compositions as the first series, including some revised versions. I really should order the first one.

Well, off to computer repair hell!!!


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