The one where I spent more than I was supposed to.

If you haven’t noticed, I made a couple changes. Account sign-ups are still open to anybody who wants to bother, but I’ve now enabled public comments, so you don’t need an account to enter comments. The reason for this is because I found a suitable CAPTCHA plugin to install. I’m also working on getting my collection page up, but I probably won’t have it up until I get an SLR camera.

I’m sure everybody saw this coming. I was supposed to save money for the upcoming long weekend in Winnipeg. That plan obviously went south. I got my DS Mini in yesterday, which is cool, but how cool is a portable game system with no games? So, I stopped over at Wal-Mart and picked up New Super Mario Bros. Since WindWaker was also low in price, I decided to get that too, only because of a little fiasco with FedEx. They wanted me to use my Visa to pay for customs charges, which is bull. They should pay on my behalf like every other courier service, but noooooo. Since I had no money in my Visa, I had to deposit some cash, but I didn’t know how much I went over the limit, so I just popped in $100. The next day, my Visa cleared (because of the preorders I made last week), so I had an extra $100 in there that shouldn’t have been in there in the first place. Instead of incurring charges for transferring the cash back, I went and bought the two games. I regret that decision now. Anyway, I ran out of toothpaste yesterday, so I went and picked up some at Wal-Mart. They got in Rise Of Nations: Rise Of Legends. Bastards. I ended up buying that, along with the FFVII ADVENT CHILDREN DVD for Ian, since Esmond didn’t have his for me to copy. Now I’m expected to go to Winnipeg with a whole lot less than I had. Frak me.

One good thing, though. I ran into Rittu at Wal-Mart yesterday! We had a nice conversation, but not for too long, since she was working there. She’s such a nice girl. Too bad she’s taken.

Well, the week is almost up, and I have most of my work finished. Just a couple more things to do, and I’m home free (somewhat)! Still have to go to Canada Post tomorrow to install a HDD and re-image the PC. If the HDD came in today, I could’ve done it earlier, but that’s my own rotten luck. Well, actually, I don’t believe in luck, so… that’s just… umm… a series of coincidences that frequently occur to me.

While I’m in the city, I have to pick up a HDD and RAM for this guy’s PC that I’m fixing. I’m ANGRY!!! Good thing I’m getting paid tomorrow. I can fall back on some of that money since I have three pay periods next month. Sch-weet!

What else is new…? Oh, yeah, if anybody knows me personally, then they know about that stupid Doom WAD I made for the original FPS PC game. If not, then here’s an overview – it was a special add-on modification that had new and improved sound effects… all recorded by me!! That’s right, I recorded silly sound effects and catch phrases for all the monsters, weapons, etc. for the game. Mind you, it was old, so the sound quality was not that great. I not-so-recently started a mod for StarCraft. I recycled some of the sound effects and catchphrases from my Doom WAD, and I have slightly higher sound quality this time around. I worked on that this week, and it’s turning out quite nicely! Well, it’s actually pretty embarrassing, but it’s all in the name of fun. I’m such a pathetic geek.

Wow, I found a talking Keroro alarm clock on J-List! Must… restrain… self…! O_O


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