The one where Microsoft sucks once again.

D.C.II ~DA CAPO II~ - Amakase Minatsu
D.C.II ~DA CAPO II~ – Amakase Minatsu looking kawaii

I broke down and preordered Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2 from EBGames so I could get the Helena figure. That is, I TRIED to preorder it, but EBGames’ website said that they couldn’t ship the game internationally. I mean, WTF? Canada is international?! I e-mailed EBGames about this, and they said that Microsoft won’t allow their games to be shipped internationally. I’m sorry, but since when has Canada ever NOT sold Microsoft games? They’re the exact same game, but with a French instruction manual!!! Stupid Microsoft and stupid Canada! I blame everybody!

Well, seeing as how I just got shafted, I decided to hunt down some old DOA games that I never got around to buying – Dead Or Alive Ultimate and Dead Or Alive 3. I scored lucky – DOA Ultimate just happened to be available at Rogers Video, so I snagged that copy. Unfortunately, DOA3 was nowhere to be found, and even the major game retailers don’t have it in stock online. Seeing as how it’s now a Platinum Hits title, I’m hoping that Tecmo will manufacture some more copies for December, seeing as how it’d be a prime chance to milk more money out of that title. At the same time, I want to get Dead Or Alive 4, but I saw a different cover available online, and I might just wait a bit for the price to drop. $70 is just a bit too much to pay for a domestic game (at least to me, it is).

I got a chance to see the first episode of YAMATO NADESHIKO Shichihenge. Heh. Yeah, no time to watch the new KANON or YOAKENA, but I can watch Yamashichi.

YAMATO NADESHIKO Shichihenge - Kyohei, Take, Yuki, and Ranmaru
Kyohei, Takenaga, Yuki, and Ranmaru.

YAMATO NADESHIKO Shichihenge - Scary Sunako
Scary Sunako.

YAMATO NADESHIKO Shichihenge - Slasher Sunako
Slasher Sunako.

YAMATO NADESHIKO Shichihenge - Chibi Sunako and Ranmaru
Chibi Sunako and Ranmaru.

Anyway, they made a couple of minor changes to the story. First of all, it looks as though they compressed some of the events to get as much material in as possible. As a result, some of the content is missing (or may be relocated to new episodes). Also, Sunako wasn’t already living at the mansion, she was asked to move there by her crazy aunt in the first episode after making the deal with the guys. Also, all the movies she watched were lame b-movies, not slasher movies like she watches in the manga! Oh, well, at least they brought in her chibi form early on. Hooray for lazy manga artists!

I broke down and started working at the restaurant again, since they haven’t been able to find a replacement to replace the replacement that was supposed to replace the employee who stopped showing up for work a month ago. How sad (and pathetic) this town is. So, every evening, I’m both doing deliveries and working in the restaurant. It’s tiring me out, but at least I’m getting some extra cash to help pay off my Visa, since my recent spending habits have been making a bit of a dip into it.

I didn’t just work all weekend long. I actually had time on Saturday to visit James and Erin, who invited me over for some tacos. Mmm… tacos. We also watched Click and had some fresh pumpkin pie. Compliments to the chef!

On Sunday, instead of playing the new Dawn Of War – Dark Crusade expansion, I ended up playing a bit of DOA2 Ultimate and then some Lego Star Wars II (no thanks to James). Today, at lunch, I snuck in an episode of REC – the special episode that was released a while back. I forgot how good that series was. I also forgot that I own the limited edition DVD box set. Whoops.

Right before lunch, though, I took my car through the auto wash and let it dry in the garage, which gave me a chance to take Eugene’s GT4 out for a spin (a spin meaning going to sites for work… bleh T_T). It’s a nice machine, alright, though it took me a bit to get used to the power that baby had. In the end, I ended up driving his car all day that I filled up the tank for him (since I can expense it back from my company… hehehe). I also finally got a chance to rip all the CDs I had piling up on my desk. One of these days, I’ll read through the huge stack of manga by my desk too. Yeah, right, and I’ll watch all the anime I ever downloaded and archived to DVD (sarcasm).

Near the end of the day, I got a pleasant surprise – Candace walked into my office. I hadn’t seen her for so long, since she was out of commission from work (and play) due to illness. It was cool catching up and all, but it left me a bit behind in work (and posting the new sabra video rips I got today). Nevertheless, I’m so glad she’s back – it gives me a reason to slack off again. Work is boring when nobody is around to visit and hang out with, so you fill that void up with more work. Now, she wants to take off to Winnipeg with me sometime to catch that new Christian Bale movie, The Prestige. I do have to admit, it does look like one hell of a movie. Speaking of which, The Break-Up is out tomorrow. I’ll be looking forward to that one.

Time for my obligatory NSFW images. Erin loves this part, or so she tells me. ^_^

Fate/stay night - RIDER with bad Engrish
Fate/stay night – RIDER with bad Engrish!

This is erotic and funny. Eroty! Sorry, trying to make up a new word. Anyway, the Japanese sure have a knack for coming up with new words or phrases. They’ll make sure never to breaks that promise.

Ringu - Hadaka Sadako
RING – Hadaka Sadako

This one is cute. Whenever manga artists portray Sadako from RING (or The Ring), she’s always in weird positions and looking rather cute and confused. I have a CG of her on my cell phone – where she’s coming out of a cell phone with a shy look on her face! Kawaii~


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