The one where Superman returns.

“Oh… it’s… you.” “Yes… it’s… me.”

An old quote from my high school days between me and my old high school buddy, Damien. If you haven’t read my HANGA Shousetsu series, Saisekijou Senshi, it’s been immortalized in it.

Anyway, Esmond and I woke up at 3:00, Saturday morning to get ready for the trip. We had everything in packed and loaded in the car by 3:30 when I noticed something – my right headlight was dead. Luckily, I had bought some headlight bulbs previously, but installing them was a different story altogether. I had to beat them to death with my own shoes. I woke Dad up to help me figure out how to install them. Since my service manual went missing, I had to get my user’s manual, which gave us clues, but otherwise told us to figure it out ourselves. So, figure it out, we did, and I had the bulb in and we left for Winnipeg at 4:45. We arrived at roughly 11:45. All in all, it was a crappy trip, I kept hovering between a state of dozing-off and just-woke-up. However, I brought my camcorder and had Esmond film some Cloudscapes and other neat scenery along the way.

When we got in, we stopped for gas and a light Wendy’s meal, and went straight to Ian and Jazmine’s, whereupon I DID NOT sleep as I had intended to. However, I did relax and set up my laptop. Everybody got bored and wanted to do something, so I suggested going to the Forks to watch Jennilee busk, but it was a decision I was soon to regret.

We arrived at the Forks, and it was extremely crowded with no sign of parking space anywhere. We were able to find a spot in the parkade, but it was an hour parking limit only. A quick phone call divulged that Eugene and Jennilee left the Forks to have lunch, and told us to stick around until they arrived. Eugene never meets his ETAs at all (he would fail every single SLA at Nexi if he worked there – har har har), but like idiots, we hung on to hope and decided to wait. We grabbed fudge and mini donuts and chose a spot outdoors to sit and relax. That got boring fast. We went to move the car and find a new parking spot, but that was pointless, and we ended up leaving the Forks, coming back, getting stuck in a parking lot (seriously, POST a sign that it’s a one way, you frakking city), and outright leaving. Eugene called and we told him that we’d just pick him up for the movie later, since the Forks was too crowded. We went to SilverCity, got tickets, and hit Perkins for lunch. After that, we dropped off Jazmine, waited around until 17:30, drove to Jennilee’s place to pick up Eugene, and went to watch the movie.

Superman Returns is one of those films that makes you ask, “Why didn’t they make it like this before? Why don’t they make all movies this good?” That, and lime Kool-Aid made the movie more enjoyable.

The traffic afterwards was horrendous. I knew taking Portage was a bad idea. Even Broadway was crowded. Regardless, we dropped off Eugene at Jennilee’s, but he found out she wasn’t there, so we dropped him off at the Forks, headed back to the apartment, and ordered Pizza Hut before passing out for the night. Word of advice – never ever go downtown or even use the streets that connect to downtown during Canada Day in Winnipeg. Ugh.

The next morning (yesterday), we spent all morning trading videos on YouTube,, and Google Video. Fun times. Jazmine had to work at 14:00, so we all decided to hit Grant Park for lunch. We ate at Applebee’s, saw Jazmine off, dropped off Ian back at the apartment, and went to Chapters downtown. Esmond finally picked up Eragon, as well as a bunch of manga. I picked up the first four volumes of Ouran Koukou HOST Bu, and two (out of three) volumes of Ai-ao that Tony had requested. After that, we hit the road at approximately 15:00 and arrived home at 21:45 (with time to spare to gas up). That had to be the shortest vacation I’d ever taken. Next time, no more morning driving – that killed me.

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