The one where the new PC was shipped.

FutureShop updated my order status today – my new PC was shipped! Now I have to wait until tomorrow morning to see where it’s coming from.

Received a bunch of Neowing orders today (as well as some that were held for custom charges since Friday). All updated in the Preorders page. Slowly, but surely, the list is going down. However, KOTOKO announced her latest single for October, so I had to preorder that, since it’s a limited edition. Don’t worry, I used my store credit for it, so it cost me nothing at all, just the shipping, which I paid with my delivery money from the weekend. I know I said I’d quit cold turkey, but there are some artists I want to continue supporting, and if they release limited editions, I’ll be preordering them, otherwise, I’ll be ordering their regular editions or special editions after the release date, and only when I have money on hand to do it. There aren’t many artists I’m collecting anyway – just Amuro Namie, KOTOKO, and GARNET CROW (because their b-sides are amazing). Most other artists, I’ll skip their singles and just order their full albums.

EDIT: This post was separated from the Japanese Media entry with the same date/timestamp, sabra Super extra DVD 43.


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