The one where Visa comes through in the end.

Sometimes, I try to make an order/preorder even though my Visa balance tells me otherwise. In that event, sometimes Visa says okay or denied. Last night, I made an order from Hobby Search (check it in my Preorders page) of those figures I wanted in the last post, and it was okayed. I worry about Visa as a company.
Well, if you haven’t seen my Preorders page, you’ll know that I have the entire set of three figures of Kore Ga Watashi No Goshujin-sama on the way! w00t and other such exclamations! Although I love Izumi (for two reasons only too obvious), Mitsuki is probably my most favorite character from the show, since she is just too too funny! Anna is also funny in her own way, but Mitsuki was both cute and smart, and she made everyday life interesting for everybody. I actually have another Mitsuki figure, and I wasn’t too particularly fond of the sculpted facial expression, so I’m looking forward to this new one coming in.

Etoo… I really need to start getting this collection database idea of mine underway, but I’m thinking about leaving this alone until I get my SLR camera. I do plan to get one for sure by the end of the year, then I can take much better looking pictures… in MACROVISION!!! Ahem. Sorry.

Ran into Priss downtown yesterday. We (CENSORED) and (CENSORED) while (CENSORED) (CENSORED) in (CENSORED)!!! No, just kidding. We caught up on times, drove around, and then I dropped her off at work. She’s actually moving to Calgary in the fall for school, so it’ll be sad to see her go, but at least she’ll be able to pursue her career there, unhindered. Career paths are great things to have, and I find them most difficult. Many people don’t know this, but I have yet to choose my own career path, which is why I envy those who do. There are so many things I could do in life, and I feel as though I will never achieve them all (at least for very long). Right now, though, I’m good at computers, working in the industry, but I’m unfulfilled. I want more in life, because there definitely has to be more than computers and technology for me! Photography and filmography is fun, I’m thinking of a side-project that involves a personal biopic/self portrait. Also, I want to draw manga, but it doesn’t make enough money, and it’s a full-time job. Therein lies the dilemma. I also would like to play violin, enough at least to play the Bach Partita. Unfortunately, in order to achieve that, I’d have to be exceptionally good, and dedicate several years of my life to the instrument. Maybe if I move to the city, I’ll take casual lessons. I’ve also been thinking about taking Japanese, moving to Japan, and doing all these things there, but that’s a tad bit ambitious. Boys be, indeed, but I’m too old to start all over again. Although, going to Japan is also an unfulfilled dream of mine, if only to revert into super otaku mode in Akiba and to find a wife that can put up with me and my wacky family in Canada.

Finished the second season of BSG last night. What a shocker at the end. They purposely skipped over a lot of material, but I guess that gap in time will be saved for the new Caprica TV show spin-off. I can’t wait for that and BSG 3.0.

Have to travel to Wabowden for work this afternoon. Frak me. It’s a damn good thing that I don’t mind traveling (because it’s less work).


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