The one where “we repel wind”.

The subject line is all your fault, Ian.

Well, back at home, not wanting to be, but also relieved to be back. I think it’s because I have all my stuff here. Winnipeg is a cool place to be, but without my other workstations, my TV, my desk, my chair, and my media, I’d be bored out of my skull.

Anyway, what happened when last I left off? Ah, right, I had just finished recapping Monday.

I was supposed to be lazing around on Tuesday, but I ended up having a bus adventure. Jazmine was working that day, and Mom and AM called me the other night to see if I could pick up some stuff from her place (she works at The Body Shop). Also, Eugene wanted me to pick up some special earplugs from Long & McQuaid. So, after feeding the cats, playing a bit of FINAL FANTASY XII, and checking out the best bus routes to take to reach both stops (in foresight, I really should’ve went to Mother’s Music, since it’s on the way to Polo Park), I took the bus to Stafford, transferred to the bus that went south to Pembina, and got off there, whereupon I found out that the store didn’t stock the exact brand that Eugene wanted. I tried calling him, but he was probably at work. So, I took the Pembina bus north, stopped off just after Grant, then took the 66 back down through Grant, which would take me directly to Polo Park.

That is, if the 66 actually SAID Polo Park on it.

I realized that I took the wrong 66 after noticing us blow past the Kenaston intersection and head off into parts unknown. After three bus stops, I finally got off and logically concluded that another bus would eventually come back the same way to bring me back to Kenaston. I was correct, even though I got tired of waiting and walked east along Grant, finally reaching the third bus stop along the way before the bus showed up. The great thing was, the bus showed up just at the exact time my transfer expired. Perfect timing! I rode the short ride back onto the Grant and Kenaston intersection (which was actually only another block away, but I was sick of walking), got off, and crossed the intersection to the nearest bus stop. After half an hour of waiting (thank goodness for iPod and mild weather), the bus finally showed up and I was well on my way! I met up with Jazmine, bought all the things Mom and AM asked for (and then some), and headed off to the food court to eat a late lunch (Koya Japan’s udon noodles are the awesome). I wandered the mall briefly, since Jazmine was off work in less than an hour, and we grabbed the bus that would take us back to Osborne Junction (Confusion Corner, for all you locals). We quickly hit Blockbuster, rented some movies, and caught the next bus. Once we were back in the apartment, Jazmine remembered that she had an appointment with the police. They didn’t mess up the apartment too badly when some officers arrived, and Jazmine was already roof-hopping away by the time the friendly officers hit me with the tazers to detain me for questioning.

Just kidding, they only cuffed me and read me my rights. It took a bit to convince them that I didn’t do anything, I was just watching Friends.

Anyway, after the cops left and Jazmine returned, we went to eat supper at Kenko Sushi. which was excellent, but we didn’t order enough. When Ian got back, we tried to order from KFC, but the bastards were closed already. We ended up making another 7-Eleven run (as compared to the day before) and bought bulk taquitos, more chips, and slurpees. The taquitos were done by the time I got out of the shower, and that was when Ian played FF12 (after a mini Friends marathon).

Wednesday (yesterday) didn’t suck so bad because Ian actually worked an 8 hour shift instead of that evil 12 hour shift on Tuesday. I woke up at the same time as Ian, but I had to do some quick things, such as work on his PC as I had promised. I installed his internal USB card reader, installed my HDD so I could hack FF12 to get it to work off my HDD (no success, if you want to know the results), and updated his software. I fed the cats again, checked the bus routes for my day plan, and took off to St. Vital (with a quick dash between transfers to Blockbuster to return the movies). I met up with Ian, picked up the gift that Patrick had asked me to get for his wife, and finally broke down and bought DISGAEA 2 from EBGames. I also went to HMV and bought the latest season of CSI: Miami for Esmond, and I was almost tempted to buy the collector’s box set of Friends. Almost. I convinced myself that I’d find a better deal online.

The bus ride to the University of Manitoba campus was interesting, to say the least. Instead of taking the standard bus, I decided to be adventurous (again) and take the 51. After detours through Dakota and St. Mary’s, we were finally on the way to University Crescent, where the bus unexpectedly lurched over through most of Chancellor. Eventually, the bus got to the campus, and I met Esmond in his dorm room. We headed off to eat lunch at Subway, and then watched a bit of Spirited Killer, Tony Jaa’s first movie. I just have to say this – this movie made Hong Kong movies from the ’80’s look like big budget Hollywood films. Also, Tony Jaa had such a minor role, and while his action was good, it was more comical than cool.

I headed back to the apartment and worked on finalizing the maintenance and stuff on Ian’s PC until Ian got home. We then headed off to eat supper at Hanabi, and I immediately started packing once we got back. The bus ride kinda sucked because it was crowded and I had to share a seat, but I slept most of the way, so it was somewhat all good. For some strange reason, though, when I got back and got some things unpacked, I got tired again and slept for another 4 hours. I wonder why?

I just woke up and watched some Friends while eating leftover taquitos. Yum!

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