The one where work is slow again.

Work is slow again. Slow, slow, slow. Not that I mind it, though. I love it when it’s slow. When it’s busy, I have to do a juggling act, and my performance is terrible. Take my word for it.

Rented She’s The Man two nights ago. Amanda Bynes is hilarious and hot at the same time. Her movies are kind of like my guilty pleasure. I don’t even have to sweat it, cause she’s legal now (I looked it up).

I have no idea why I like watching teen movies… I guess it’s because I had a lackluster teenage experience, so watching movies (however unrealistic they are) kinda makes up for it. Even the geeks are spotlighted… I wasn’t THAT bad in high school, but I was rather forgettable. I mean, who remembers me from high school, honestly? Even if they do remember me, did they even know what I was like? What my hobbies were? No, I was the token Chinese guy!

Chicken ball, with fly lice, you plick.

I rented Just Friends last night. Not as good as She’s The Man, but still funny in its own right. Anna Faris plays such an off-the-wall, psycho character. Hahaha. Ryan Reynolds, though, does a good job. That guy is one hilarious dude. Amy Smart was okay in the movie, but I only remember her as the girl who flashed her nice tits on Road Trip. I think she was in Butterfly Effect as well… was she punk’d on that movie? Hmm.

I got in the first box set of Joshikousei “GIRL’S HIGH” and my Amazon Japan order. Wow, if you saw the packing box for my Amazon order, you’d freak. The whole box was crushed and torn apart. It’s a damn good thing I ordered books! However, the Bauhaus mook was obviously a bookshelf reject – the gloss was peeling off the cover and there was a very noticeable dent on the corner. I hate getting “new” merchandise that looks like it came out of a garage sale for 50 cents. The only saving grace was that Amazon’s amazing packing methods came through – they shrinkwrapped the books and then glued it on to the box. The contents didn’t go anywhere, even though the box was ripped wide open.

I still have yet to determine if the DVD box of Joshikousei is the first pressing or not. I didn’t see any of the features mentioned, but I’ll get a better look at home.

Just a quick post today. I actually wanna get outta this office early, since I have nothing else to do.


UPDATE: Here’s a picture of the Amazon box I mentioned earlier.

The smashed up Amazon box.

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