The one with a naked kiss.

I got in the SO-LA single I ordered from Amazon Japan. WTF? I’m starting to think that I should have bought everything from there, since their stuff gets here so freaking fast, but then again, it was only a single CD, and brand new, to boot. My current dilemma now is that this single CD is wrapped in non-resealable plastic, and without a tear strip either! 何よこれ??

Finally got the FFXII soundtrack romanized, ripped, and sorted, as well as the other CDs I got in. I went to Cross Lake on Thursday for work, and I listened to Kawada Mami’s first album and KOTOKO’s latest single. I really love them both. It’s no wonder they’re my most favorite I’VE girls. I also got Bitter sweets ripped, but I have yet to listen to it. Why? Because I’m listening to the FFXII soundtrack, man! Yeah, man! It’s awesome, man! A neat departure from Uematsu’s compositions, man! Okay, I’ll stop with the “man” stuff. Seriously speaking, I recently read the first two NANA manga, and they were funny and entertaining, but what the frak is up with all the characters saying “man” at the end of every one of their sentences? Viz shouldn’t have done that… girls usually don’t say, “man”, or even call each other that. Still, the manga itself is enjoyable if you try your best to ignore that. On the downside, I read the first two manga of Ikki Tousen, and while I love the half naked girls, I really hate all the demeaning language everybody uses towards women in the story. I mean, who says, “Nice rack, babe, I can see myself in between those very soon,” to a girl’s face, tough fighter or not? I mean, it just further goes to show that violent people are uncivilized. I’m no feminist, and while I hate the attitudes some of them have, I can’t tolerate rude, sexual innuendos towards anybody, unless it’s privately between intimate people who know each other well enough not to take offense to it. And also, there’s a difference between leering and appreciating. What I do is appreciate the female form. Whoa, how did I get from there to here?

Anyway, back to what I was talking about… ano… actually, I don’t even know what I was talking about, just random topics.

I’m really loving the music in .hack//Roots. I know that I already preordered the soundtrack, but I want it now! Haven’t seen much lately, just bits and pieces of new shows like Joshikousei, Ouran Koukou HOST Bu, Soreyuke! Gedou Otometai, ARIA The NATURAL, NANA, STRAWBERRY PANIC, Utawarerumono, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, WITCHBLADE, and Bincho-tan. I did see the first episode of ATTENTION PLEASE!, the flight attendant drama with cute-as-a-button Ueto Aya, and it was entertaining! However, I’ve been keeping up with the latest episodes of .hack//Roots, SCHOOL RUMBLE Nigakki, Suzumiya HARUHI No Yuu Utsu, and I’m slowly going through classic episodes of KERORO Gunsou. I also watched both OVAs of hentai anime, Aniyome, yesterday, since the storyline grabbed my attention. It’s too bad the whole thing ended up being nothing more than a sexfest, and any notions of love became a means for which the main character to have sex. I have yet to see another hentai anime that actually has a decent storyline like Injuu Gakuen (La Blue Girl in North America), KITE, and MEZZO FORTE. Seriously, where have all the romances gone? Shin ANGEL would have been on that list if they didn’t have the main character sleeping around. Mind you, I don’t really watch a lot of hentai, which might be why some of you may notice my virgin selection. I prefer ecchi anyway, since it’s more about the imagination anyway.

So… my plans this weekend are probably to back up more data to DVDs and watch some shows (preferably one of the titles I haven’t seen much of, mentioned above). For now, it’s time to eat.


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