The one with a winter week in Winnipeg.


When it pours, it rains. In our case, it snows.

I have the next week off from work. I was forced to take it off, otherwise I would lose my vacation days and be paid out for them. Forget that. So, I closed as many calls as possible yesterday and made sure that my relief was properly informed of what’s new. As for my vacation, I was planning to play .hack//G.U. and FINAL FANTASY III while squeezing in some World of Warcraft.

I’m still doing those things, but I somehow ended up in Winnipeg this morning. I found myself hurriedly chatting to Ian and Jazmine yesterday afternoon at work, asking them if it would be okay for me to stay with them. After working on some user’s PC, I rushed home, packed my bags, and got on the bus. Why the bus, you ask? Because it’s full-blown winter now, and the highway is terrible for driving. It was a good thing too, because even Winnipeg’s streets are covered in packed snow and ice. So much for that.

I spent the morning with Ian at the apartment, setting up my laptop while Ian showed me how far he got in FF12, and I showed him my HDAdvance (yes, I brought it along with me). The afternoon was spent in St. Vital, where Ian went to work and I bummed around the mall. I think I controlled myself quite well, as I only bought four manga volumes. The reason – I needed something to occupy my time while waiting an hour and a half before I could catch the next showing of Will Ferrell’s Stranger Than Fiction. A good movie that started out as a smart comedy and had a moral story by the end, like Bicentennial Man.

Well, Esmond is visiting right now, and I’m tired. No more busy days for the rest of this week for me!

NSFW link ahead. Don’t clicky if you are underage or are offended by nudity. But seriously, why would anybody be offended by nudity? We were born nude, after all!

No 2-D girls this time around. They are Japanese and very naked (or chaku-ero).

Handa Sasa
Handa Sasa

You may or may not remember me mentioning her in my sabra entry for DVD 46. I like her. As James G would say, “I want one of those when I grow up.”


So hot, they named an award after her. I know, that was bad. Usually, girls have nipples that are dark against light skin, but Juno is the exception to the norm. I still think it’s hot, but then again, I’d probably pull a Captain Kirk and think blue girls are hot.


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