The one with all the backups.

I got in the two hard drives and enclosures I ordered on Wednesday, right before I had to leave for Norway House. Not trusting bad accidents to steer clear of me, I took the parcel with me to Norway House, so that I could keep a close eye on it. While I was there, I was able to unpack one of each and install the HDD into an enclosure. I have some videos I took using my cell phone on the way there, just a couple of things I thought were memorable. I’ll share them later, most likely on YouTube.

Ever since I got back from Norway House, I’ve been putting together a big plan to back up as much of my stuff as possible – in particular, my videos. After backing up all of my videos to one of the hard drives, I was shocked to see only 55 GB left of free space on the sucker. Insane. For the second HDD, I copied over the contents from my external 60 GB and then all the contents of my laptop (you can never be too careful). It looks as though I may have to invest in yet another HDD, since I no longer have any more room for a backup of my second partition on Mitake, as well as permanent storage of my external 80 GB. Instead of going to NCIX, though, I’m going to check out CBit in Winnipeg when I go down next weekend. Just to compare prices, of course.

I noticed that the entry password section is aligned all weirdly on my website, and even breaks the layout on the single page. That won’t do. Sometime this weekend, I’m gonna have to sit down and create a CSS entry for that damn thing.

My car goes into CT this weekend. I’ll make a separate entry about that later.


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