The one with all the debt (not mine, but it may as well be).

I’m no stranger to debt. In fact, it knows me so well, it walks in unannounced through my front door, rummages through my fridge for beer and a sandwich, and then kicks back on my futon to watch some anime on my TV. Well, to be quite honest, I don’t drink, so beer wouldn’t be found in the fridge. Maybe some fat-free water.

Anyway, debt came knocking on my door once again, and believe it or not, it wasn’t looking for me. No, this time, it was threatening my very job security. The company I work for, NexInnovations, is in big trouble. Yesterday morning, my co-worker, Pete, dropped me an IM with a link to a very disturbing report on A $72 million debt. So, what does this mean? It means that by September 8th, I may or may not have a job. I’m not looking forward to it, but all I can do is keep working and hope that somebody will be around to give me a good reference. However, there’s more to it than that. I’m quite worried about my loans – their payments total just under $1000 a month. Remember that plan I had? I see it fluttering out the window right now. I want to get rid of my loans faster, but if I have to file for unemployment, I’ll only make enough just to squeeze on by. Since I’m stuck in this small town, there aren’t a lot of other options I have for this line of work. Alberta is a no-go – I’ll just be stuck in the same situation, even if I make more money. By living at home, I don’t have to pay for rent or essential food. I have more money available for my loans where I am right now – and I wanted it all paid off by this time next year. So, I’m quite distressed about this whole thing. I can cross my fingers all I want, but I don’t believe in that stuff. What’s worse is that my Mom and aunt are trying to push their superstitious beliefs on me. Oh yeah, like I’m gonna leave all my life-altering decisions to a jade pendant. If I have nothing to lose, then fine, I’ll humor them – but right now, I have everything to lose. Not a good situation.

Well, I got my two hard drives in. It’ll probably be the last splurge I ever make for a long time, job or no job. Hopefully, tomorrow will be quiet at work like it was today, so I can start building the new Mitake. I might start tonight even, if I’m feeling ambitious (or needing to take my mind off things).

This was awfully nice of Google. It would be even nicer if they came to my town. On second thought, I don’t want another reason to stay in this crap place.


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  1. So what maybe back to the shack? or rather the source? Maybe you could get a job at the brick when it opens up whatever happen though hang in there

  2. No more retail for this guy here. If at all possible, I’m trying to avoid it at all costs. Worse comes to worst, I’m going on unemployment. No sense in paying for it all these years and not cashing in on it.

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