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I’ve been a busy little chicken ball (as Dennis would say). Esmond came back for reading week last week, so we spent the whole time watching Family Guy, Smallville, and a bit of Heroes and Battlestar Galactica. In addition, we played a lot of WoW: BC. Hot stuff! (Hot stuff? O_e)

I tried playing Gears of War for my XBox 360. It’s an okay game, but I get motion sickness from these kinds of fast-paced action shooter games. The only reason why I can play WoW is because the camera doesn’t require constant, dizzying movement. So, all in all, I’ll more than likely be shelving the game and playing it in doses. Very small doses. Damn nausea, anyway.

BOKTAI - Django and Sabata Gouma Reifuden IZUNA

Games on the horizon (and in our midst) are looking sweet right now. The DS saw two good import titles recently – BOKUra No Taiyou Django & Sabata (last week) and Gouma Reifuden IZUNA (today). I bought BOKUTAI last week (and Wal-Mart actually got the game in on time for once!), but IZUNA hasn’t arrived yet. Boo, Wal-Mart!


PS3 finally has a fighting game in Virtua Fighter 5 today, but once again, Wal-Mart sucks ass. However, the real PS3 gem coming out is the downloadable game, flOw, based on the online Flash version (Ian showed it to me when I was in the city last).

If anybody hasn’t noticed yet, I’ve been playing the Live Arcade games on my XBox 360. I love those simple games, and they keep releasing them at least once a week on average, which makes me happy. Still, I love girls more, so when I saw DEAD OF ALIVE XTREME 2 on sale on Amazon for $40, I added it to cart faster than a thirsty crowd converging on a lone slurpee.

Supreme Commander, out for PC today as well (but lacking in a timely release at Wal-Mart – need I go on?), is getting rave reviews. I wouldn’t know, though, since I can’t get it yet. On the flipside, I heard of Darwinia, an older game from December, being released on Steam. Has anybody ever heard of Steam? It’s a PC (only) client that provides digital downloads of games from many publishers – Half-Life 2, Dreamfall, and Bloodrayne, to name a few. I just downloaded it an hour ago, and it’s pretty cool. Steam actually reminds me of XBox Live Marketplace a bit, but without queued downloading and affordable prices. They even have good prices for the games you get, especially in package deals. I’m thinking of getting the Uplink/Darwinia pack, especially with 33% off.

Speaking of deals, I’m starting to get back into Guild Wars, since Happygoth is playing it now, so I went to Wal-Mart and found a copy of Guild Wars Factions for $35 ($49.99 US in the GW Store). Sweeto! Now, if only I can break this WoW crack addiction.

Finally, I found four anime-inspired MMOs that are actually free to download and play – all conveniently created and developed by the oddly named GPotato. Corum Online looks very interesting from the screenshots. Too many games, so little time!

It’s very late right now, and I need sleep. I’ll add images to this entry tomorrow. NSFW images ahead.

Cheyenne 1 Cheyenne 3

Cheyenne 2

This hot babe is anonymously named Cheyenne. I found her on the official site of Toonen-Wienjens, a photographer duo from the Netherlands. I wish there were higher resolutions of this model, as well as more pictures, but alas, their entire site was in Flash and I had to capture the images as-is.


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