The one with all the hair (or lack thereof).

So, I took Eugene to work and got to my office early – earlier than even Francois and Everest. It was crazy to be there so early, but going back home for only a couple hours would have been crazier. I managed to clear away the majority of my unchecked e-mails. You know life is busy when you don’t even have time to check your e-mail. I just keep putting off the less important stuff – and as a result, it all piles up. Thank goodness most of it comprises of my Japanese newsletters and British girls subscriptions.

When 10:00 rolled around, Francois called to advise of go time, so I called Wil up, and he showed up promptly. Our stop for the day was the refinery. Coincidentally, Eugene works in the refinery, so I had a feeling that I might run into him there sometime. We geared up in full safety gear – safety glasses, safety boots with metatarsal guards, hard hats with ear protectors, respirators, safety gloves, and – in my case – coveralls. Of course, I didn’t know that coveralls weren’t needed, but the refinery is dirty and I need to protect my clothes more than my skin in that place. So, we went, and our first stop was the tankhouse. While waiting for Everest to get the switch changed and programmed, Eugene showed up, and since we had some time before Everest would be done, Eugene took me out on the floor and showed me what he does. Eugene does anode changes, and it’s really hard work, but if you take as many breaks as he does, you’re not working that hard, are you? Just kidding, I have to rib my brother, it’s kind of like my duty. XD

Throughout the refinery, I had problems with getting my hair under my hard hat and not in my face. We managed to get 10 printers done with three printer problems and a couple missed ones due to locked doors and time constraints. Today, we got two of the problematic printers configured, determined that one was having hardware issues, and configured one of the printers we missed yesterday. Not bad for just the late afternoon. However, once again, I was getting frustrated with my hair. It’s not that my hair is long; my hair is not long enough. If I have to go onsite to these areas, I would have to deal with this issue until my hair gets long enough to tie up, and that could take months. My hair just doesn’t grow that fast anymore.

After work, I went and got my hair cut. It’s all short now. I hate it, but I need less frustration at work, so I’ll tolerate it. Besides, washing and managing it is a hell of a lot easier now. No more long blow drying times. If I keep thinking of the positive reasons, I won’t have time to cry about it.

Also, I think about the money from this job. It sort of helps.


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