The one with all the Hot Tamales.

I’ve never eaten Hot Tamales, actually, but Lindsay Lohan might convince me otherwise (see below).

I’ve been reading up on D.C.II ~DA CAPO II~, the latest ero game in the world of Da Capo. So far, it’s a pretty-looking game, and I even downloaded the demo. It’s hot. My favorite character has to be Amakase Minatsu, though. It might be the bovine hat she’s wearing.

Amakase Minatsu - Niko

Amakase Minatsu - Kuyashii

Amakase Minatsu - Ehe~

It’s near impossible to find decent pictures of Minatsu, so I loaded up the demo and completed it just so I could get screens of her in the curtain call.

I got back into WoW after another hiatus. I just couldn’t get back into the game as much as before, but after James H showed me that amazing World of Roguecraft video last week, it blew my mind away. To try something different, I rolled an undead rogue on Pete and Colin’s server, Gorefiend. I’m really enjoying it! Even for my first time through the undead lands, I made it to level 8. If I skipped supper and stuff, I could’ve gotten to level 10, but what can you do? Real life gets in the way sometimes.

Lindsay Lohan = Hot Tamales

When I first saw Lindsay Lohan in the remake of The Parent Trap, I knew that she would be hot when she got older. Lo and behold, she’s hot. Can I call these things or what?

Lauren Lee Smith

Speaking of hot redheads, Lauren Lee Smith (Emma from TV’s Mutant X) starred in an independant Canadian film called Lie With Me. I watched it over the weekend as a recommendation from the people at Rogers Video, and boy, is she smoking in that film. Although she was cute as Emma in Mutant X, she exuded this raw sexual magnetism in Lie With Me – the smoldering look she had on her face was hot. Definitely watch it (but beware of Eric Balfour’s on-screen nudity – yikes).


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