The one with all the laziness due to the immense summer heat.

I’m lazy. Too lazy to update.


No, just kidding. But it is hella hot here. I think my laptop is permanently welded on to my legs.

Not much is new. Made a couple of preorders. I also made some impulse buys recently. Ordered both Inhumanoids DVDs and Stealth Original Score by BT. Inhumanoids was an old cartoon I used to watch when I was a kid. あぁ、懐かしい。 I also bought some DVDs from CD Plus downtown yesterday – The Pink Panther, Bloodrayne, DOMINION, and VS Kishi RAMUNE. Yes, Underworld Evolution (which I watched last weekend), was a better movie, but I bought Bloodrayne for the PC game that came with it.

I also recently received some of my Yesasia order. Got in FINAL FANTASY XII, DEVIL MAY CRY 3 Special Edition, and Seiken Densetsu DS. I had a chance to play FFXII right before the heatwave began, but now it’s too hot to sit in my bedroom playing video games… or even sleeping, for that matter. I’ve been sleeping downstairs in the living room because it’s cooler than sleeping upstairs where all the heat is. However, because I’m not in my bedroom, I haven’t been able to watch any anime or drama, let alone ripping those new CDs and DVDs I got from Neowing.

We need central air!!!

以上。。。であります。 又々。

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