The one with all the overworking.

Hagane No Renkin Jutsushi – WINRY ROCKBELL

Work has been hectic. I’ve been going crazy since Tuesday, killing tons of calls in two days. In addition, I’ve fixed two home PCs, both taking up over 2-3 hours of my time each. I’m overworked, to say the least. I haven’t done one call yet today and it’s already 13:30. Yikes, better get a move on.

I picked up BSG 2.5 on DVD yesterday. After the consolidation, the remainder of the total amount borrowed was deposited into my account – it killed my overdraft. Nice. However, since I was broke when I tried to buy BSG 2.5 on Tuesday, I went and picked it up yesterday. THEN I got paid for the one home PC I fixed. What bad timing. I just got paid for the other home PC right before lunch. If you checked my Preorders page, I made two new Preorders – both must-haves, new albums from KOTOKO, OLIVIA, and GARNET CROW. So, this money I made will fund those preorders. I want to order OLIVIA’s second album, The Lost Lolli, but I’ll have to wait a bit so I can make some money to cover the Haruhi preorder that’s coming up soon.

I leafed through the first two chapters of the Server+ book. You know, if CompTIA didn’t go and change the exam a while back, I’d already have this cert by now, because I was halfway through the old exam book. What a crock!

Yesterday, the USB drive on my keychain has been acting strangely – Aoi, my laptop, stopped recognizing it. I tried it on Mitake, and it worked fine, so after a few reseats, it finally worked on Aoi. However, today, that wasn’t so. Neither PC would recognize it, and I even tried it at work – nothing. So, unfortunately, I had no choice but to get it replaced – unfortunately, TS doesn’t carry it anymore, so I can’t get it warrantied (if it’s still under warranty). So, I searched high and low to find a suitable replacement, which is difficult, considering the fact that it’s the only USB drive that mounts in a Swiss. I decided to check some alternatives (and buy a full-fledged Swiss). Some users at the provincial government have some Corsair Flash Voyager USB drives that are encased in shock-proof, waterproof rubber, and I like the way they’re designed. In addition, they come with a lanyard, and they’re available in 2 GB. However, when I checked NCIX today, I found out that they are now available in 4 GB (with 8 GB coming soon). However, I’m pretty strapped for cash, and I couldn’t afford one… until I checked NCIX again just now and saw that they’re on surprise sale – they dropped the price such that shipping would be considered free. How could I pass that deal up? I added it to cart. Don’t worry, I’m not spending my own money or money I don’t have. I just put $200 into my Visa from all the PC fixing, plus I have more coming from deliveries this weekend. Yes, sir.

BOY MEETS GIRL - Mizugi Girls
BOY MEETS GIRL – Mizugi Girls

Special thanks to Mai Tokiha on HF-Network for finding out which eroge this cute image came from.

Dear my friend - Nakamura Saeka
Dear My Friend – Nakamura Saeka

Another eroge CG. I LOVE ERO!!! >_< (I sound like a stalker or something.)


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