The one with all the poker.

Wait a second… the title of this blog entry sounds awfully familiar… nah, it’s probably nothing.

Anyway, I woke up pretty late yesterday morning at around 11:00 (but then again, it’s not a vacation if you’re not relaxing), and I basically sat around until 13:00, waiting for Eugene to wake up and get ready to go. We went to Quizno’s for lunch, and then we hit St. Vital. As we passed through Chapters, we noticed a huge line-up happening from near the built-in Starbucks, and we saw some guy at a table signing books. We had no idea who the guy was, and I saw a sign behind him, but I didn’t know if that sign was actually advertising this dude. So, we asked some random person who it was, and the lady responded that it was the guy who hosts The Amazing Race. I personally don’t watch the show, so I didn’t really care either way, but the lady was very friendly. Mind you, Winnipeg is just like that – full of friendly people (with the exception of a couple drivers I ran into, but there are always exceptions anywhere you go). Anyway, I skipped Chapters for now and we hit HMV, where I found a DVD box set of the first three DragonBall Z movies on the cheap, so I picked it up. Then, we hit EB Games, where I saw a couple NIS games for the PSP, but EB sucks because they open all their games, and I like buying my games shrink-wrapped. I personally think that if EB sells you a game that’s opened, it should be sold for a cheaper price. EB runs a BS storefront business. Anyway, we hit Sport-Chek, then Wal-Mart and then went back to Chapters, where I looked for last month’s Maxim UK (see the previous post), but they also didn’t have it, so I decided to head for the manga section. Unfortunately, because of the book signing with the Amazing Race dude, I had to circle around the section to get where I wanted – except that the acting Chapters security guard stopped me and said I was not permitted entry into that section because it was closed off for the signing. Talk about a tough break! I even asked if he could get somebody to escort me in if they were that paranoid, but no dice. I’m actually more pissed off about it now that I’m thinking back on it.

So, the new plan was to watch Lucky You. We headed to Silver City, since it wasn’t playing at St. Vital anymore. Oh, I just realized as I was typing the last sentence – we could’ve checked the cheap theater to see if it was playing there. Oops.

Anyway, on to the movie. It was really good. I liked Casino Royale, but it didn’t really explain too much about Texas Hold ‘Em, which I’m not really familiar with, but was prevalent in Lucky You. Due to the nature of that little snag, the movie found a way to show you how the game works without actually telling you how to play. It made the movie enjoyable, and Drew Barrymore kind of helped with that as well. In the end, I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would – even more than Spider-Man 3. Messed up, eh? Eugene mentioned that Rounders was a better movie, but I’m not a huge fan of Matt Damon. Well, I’ll probably still watch it. Another movie I need to watch is Wedding Crashers. It’s on a list of movies that I need to watch but haven’t gotten around to.

After the movie, we headed off to Kenko Sushi (sorry Jazmine ;_;), and we were served by that cute Asian that served me the last time I was there. Even Eugene thought she was cute, and he doesn’t like Asian girls. There’s hope for him still. After supper, we walked across the street to Sugar Mountain where we bought some candy. Two sixers of Pic-A-Pop, various candy bars, and a package of Big League Chew.

After a quick stop at Dairy Queen, we went back to Tyler’s place and watched the Red Wings/Ducks game. Seriously, I haven’t watched this much hockey in years. Thank goodness for laptops to occupy the boring moments. While casually surfing, I accidentally stumbled onto a porn site of sorts – it featured a girl named Lexi Lapetina, who is a regular Hustler model who seems to enjoy some rather odd fetishes. I’m not really into fetishes, but the chick is hot. Happygoth would probably dig her stuff. Well, the link to her website is here, but I strongly advise minors and porn-haters that the contents are definitely NSFW and possibly weird, depending on your tastes. I’m more of a nude photography/softcore person, so I surfed Lexi’s site to find out which magazines she’s had centerfold spreads in (although she’s no Vikki Blows ^_~).

Anyway, after the hockey game (the frakking Ducks won), there was a poker tournament on TV, which I watched. Pretty interesting – I’m not a poker fanatic, because of the gambling aspect, but I like counting the cards. After that, I took a shower, and while waiting for my hair to dry before sleeping, I watched an episode of Raki Suta. I was a bit peckish too, so I ate a Butterfinger Crisp that I bought from Sugar Mountain earlier, and it was so delectable, especially when chased with a Black Cherry soda. You’d think that would’ve kept me awake, but Dungeons & Dragons was playing on TV. I know, I know – cheap shot. Still, it’s somewhat entertaining with Zoe McLellan. She’s hawt, in a girl-next-door kind of way.

The former guitarist of Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, John 5, is an insane shredder.


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