The one with all work and no play.

Which is not entirely true. I work 13 hour days from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, I usually find myself fixing computers for people and working at the restaurant in the evening. On Sunday, I’m usually working overtime and working at the restaurant in the evening. I occasionally get the mornings off to do stuff, but those are times that I reserve to run errands and such. This is the reason why I haven’t been able to update, let alone work on the upgrade. Not that I’m complaining, but this is the price to be paid for both paying off the bills and still having money to spend on my hobbies. You’ll see that I still update my Preorders page, though. On a side note, updating my blog at work wasn’t going over very well. People were thinking that I was surfing the web all day, so I cut off all internet usage, just to be on the safe side. No need to lose my job – it’s more important than blogging, after all.

Anyway, this blog won’t be neglected forever. When I get a chance (HOW?!?!), I have a huge pile of Japanese media that needs to be virtualized and uploaded for all the world to see. Unfortunately, I have no time to even do that. Although I did take a day off today, I don’t even have the chance to do these simple things – but actually, digitalizing my media is actually a time-consuming task, especially when it comes to DVDs. Either way, my upload speed is crap and it usually takes most of the day to upload anything to Rapidshare. Oh, which reminds me – I bought a Rapidshare account two months ago (but it expired already), and after testing it, I found that it was decent enough if my uploads could get downloaded a lot in a month to accumulate enough points for keeping up the subscription – but, let’s face it. This is not a premium or popular blog. This is just my hobby, and there are other places one can go to get the stuff I make available (but not always, which is why I didn’t mind doing it). Also, if my ISP didn’t cap their users’ upload speeds, I’d just host it off my personal web server and be done with it.

Anyway, enough of my griping. I placed an order recently that I thought was a preorder. My bad. I’ve been wanting to use a new format for preorders and regular orders, but it makes the simple blog post become time-consuming. Since today is a day off and it’s still early this morning, I’ll try out this new format. So, here’s the order I placed last night:

    Hobby Search #031452 – ¥5700 (Shipped)

  • D.C.II ~DA CAPO II~Shirakawa Nanaka (Toys Planning Solid Mouse Pad)
  • To Heart 2Kosaka Tamaki (Cospa Sports Towel)

I just placed an order this morning (while blogging), which I originally projected in my budget to allow for buying old media that I missed back in the day. As a result, I will be bringing my collection of Shibasaki KOU music completely up to date.

I also placed the same kind of pre-budgeted order last month to update my collection of YUI and OLIVIA. I now have everything up to date. Shortly after that, I also placed an order for the Minami-ke anime OP and ED themes – and the new Suzuki Ami album, DOLCE, which I fell in love with after downloading and repeating it on my iPod. While it’s not her best album, I love the euro influenced electronic tracks and the two ballads at the end of the album. However, Stereo Love, AI NO UTA, and Futari De POP were the odd collaboration songs that really threw this album out of balance, which is why I said it’s not her best album. In my opinion, those three tracks should have been on her previous album, CONNETTA. However, her collaborations with NAKATA Yasutaka from capsule (FREE FREE and SUPER MUSIC MAKER) were the strongest tracks I have ever heard from her, even beating out my all-time favorite, Eventful. Mind you, I’ve heard some of capsule’s stuff, and they’re awesome as well, but not without Amigo. In addition, her version of Potential Breakup Song turned out better than Aly & AJ’s original version, and I usually hate oriental versions of western music.

In other news, I bought a 2003 Toyota Matrix at the end of December. It’s navy blue and cool… and I have some plans for it. After some custom plates and decals, and it should resemble a car that would belong to a certain amphibious, schizophrenic individual. Hehehe.

Wow, this short post became a large post, and with a review, to boot! Well… I totally saw it coming.


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