The one with Asami Yuma’s exposure.

Decided to catch up on some shows last night. I never did finish watching the first episode of Shimokita GLORY DAYS, so I did. I have no idea why I didn’t watch it sooner. The show sure took advantage of the very lovely AV/gravure idols they cast, as Asami Yuma offered up full exposure of her… ahem… assets. Drool.

Asami Yuma 01 Asami Yuma 02

For those who don’t know, Japan has strict censorship laws about genitals in media of any kind, but apparently, it’s okay to show breasts on television (as long as it’s late night). Chaku ero attack!

On the anime side, I watched the first episodes of THE THIRD ~Aoi Hitomi No Shoujo~ and Kamichu! THE THIRD was not bad – a futuristic show that takes place mostly in the desert. I love the whole Sword Dancer concept. On the other hand, Kamichu was… weird, but enjoyable. The animation technique is quite unique and reminds me of old cartoons, where character movements are overly exaggerated, and the characters move like Jell-O. As for the storyline, I have to admit that it’s definitely one of a kind. After all, you don’t just go to school one day and tell your best friend that you just became a god/goddess the other night. I loved the cute typhoon!


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