The one with being touched by his noodly appendage.

I just preordered the upcoming figure of Onda Aka from REC. So cute! However, on the downside, I think it’s safe to assume that at the rate I’m going with this hobby, I’m never getting a girlfriend.

Oh, well, them’s the breaks.

I finally made some room to store my excess figures, which were stacking up something fierce in front of my bookshelves. Had to rearrange my closet, but who needs those pesky clothes anyhow? I still need to make room on my bookshelves… I have a bunch of C-Pop CDs that I rarely ever listen to anymore. I might just rip the rest of them and put them away in storage. Also, I am a vampire and

Evil Hongfire. I’ve been visiting the forums lately and started getting into the lurker swing of things. Get this – one of my small hobbies is lurking on forums and never replying to anything… for the most part, anyway. I love the sense of online community, but could never participate in it myself. I’ll only ever post if I need an answer for something.

The weather’s finally gotten warm again. My car’s front bumper is still covered in bug corpses, so I need to get that junk off soon. I’m planning to visit the car wash tonight, and not the auto one – I already had a go with them and it did nothing. Which reminds me, I need to go pick up some paint-sensitive drying towels.

I got my Logitech G7 mouse in, and it sure is a beauty. Instead of the ghastly green design, it’s now black with a carbon-fiber look (though it’s probably not really carbon-fiber). The response of this baby is just sweet.

Suddenly have nothing else to say, except that tomorrow is payday, so that gives me a chance to assess what I have leftover after my bills next week so I can order more parts for my car or schedule an appointment to get a fluid leak, cruise control, and speedometer fixed. Oh, and a haircut.


Go mock Intelligent Design.

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