The one with BlizzCon 2007.

I had a feeling that Blizzard was going to announce it soon, and they did. They revealed the second World Of WarCraft expansion, Wrath Of The Lich King. While they introduced new concepts such as the Inscription profession, siege weapons, and destructible buildings, the one that seemed interesting was the introduction of WoW’s first hero class – the Death Knight. Not much else has been revealed, other than the fact that fighting Arthas would require increasing the level cap to 80. Yeah, right. At this rate, they’re also increasing the amount of wasted money needed to invest in this terribly overdone game.

One presentation I especially liked in BlizzCon 2007 was the footage they revealed about the Terran race in StarCraft II, as well as some new adventure-style concepts they weaved into the campaign game. Apparently, along with the main mission, you can complete sub-plots that, as far as I can gather, do not contribute to the main storyline, but provide some further insight into the characters you interact with. Jim Raynor, of course, will be returning to the center stage as the primary character of the Terrans. As for Terran units, many units will be returning with new abilities, such as the SCV, Marine, Siege Tank, Ghost, and Battlecruiser. However, new units such as the Reaper, Viking, and Thor were revealed, as well as new gameplay strategies such as prepurchased units and interchangeable building add-ons. Check out the amazing video footage on GameSpot.

So, yeah, the trip to Winnipeg was canceled. Eugene’s return flight from Montreal to Winnipeg was booked for Tuesday evening, which would mean that we’d have to drive back home all night, and we wouldn’t get back into town until the wee hours of the morning, and I would have to go straight to work. When I was younger, I was able to sleep an entire trip in the car, but now, in my old age, I find it almost impossible to get much sleep, let alone a lengthy nap. Unfortunately, I’ve done it before, and it’s rough to go through an entire work day half asleep. However, Megan was also non-receptive to the idea, since she has a daughter to take care of, and she can’t very well do that while asleep! We reasoned that we were better off canceling the trip – besides, we can always catch Nickelback another time, since they tour a lot. So, I have my three floor tickets up for sale at almost half price – $40 CDN each. I don’t have any biters yet, though.

Canceling the trip was almost like a blessing in disguise, since I have a lot of purchases I need to make before the summer is over. I just bought a new TV stand for my Acer 32″ LCD TV, which will replace my Toshiba 42″ HDTV. Megan’s boyfriend, Kris, is planning to buy her the Toshiba by next paycheck, so I’m holding my breath on that one before considering other buyers. Either way, the Toshiba has to go, because the $500 I want for it will get me a new Samsung 19″ WXGA LCD and wireless keyboard/mouse combo. I already have these two picked out on NCIX. With a future paycheck, I want to finally buy a DSLR camera, and I have the Canon Rebel XTi in mind. I found some on eBay that come loaded with an extra macro/telescopic lens, as well as many other bonuses like memory cards, tripods, storage bags, and even lens cleaners. Once I have my Rebel, I’ll be all set for the fall and winter, which will be my time to buckle down, cheapen up, and drop some lump sum payments into my loan again. I might have to consolidate my credit cards into my loan as well. That won’t be pretty, but we’ll see how the first few months go.

Eugene took my car for his trip, since he didn’t cancel his long-weekend plans. Fortunately, it’s given me a chance to drive his GT4 around town and on deliveries. I had made a mixed CD for the failed trip, so I put it into his new Kenwood DVD head unit. After doing some audio tweaking and interface setup, I had the DVD screen all setup and ready for MP3 discs. What an amazing piece of machinery. Oh, and the car is pretty damn cool, too. I can’t wait to get a 350Z.


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