The one with Chou Gekijouban KERORO Gunsou.

Chou Gekijouban KERORO Gunsou - Movie Poster

Rented a couple of movies on Tuesday – Lucky Number Slevin and Bottom’s Up. I only got a chance to copy them both due to my latest schedule of waking up early and because of people asking me to copy movies for them. It doesn’t pay to be the only one who knows how to do this stuff. So, instead of watching them, what do I end up watching? Chou Gekijouban KERORO Gunsou!!!

One word – WATCH IT. If Esmond is reading this, I bet he’s probably frothing at the mouth. It had a decent storyline, two new Keron-jin characters, and a whole lot of Keroro. Literally (in retrospect, a whole lot of Kiruru – literally – as well). In fact, I’ll probably be sending a copy to Esmond if he hasn’t downloaded it already (but as far as I know, he can’t run torrents or P2P on the University’s internet).

Not much else to say. James bought himself a new computer, as approved by Erin, which surprised me. To say the least, he got himself a fancy new Core 2 Duo PC. Lucky bastard – only spent a bit more than me – but that was just on the PC alone. If I bought such a machine, I wouldn’t have been able to get the HDD space I needed.

I scrambled all over the place this afternoon. Got all my calls and office stuff done at work this morning, went to lunch, and then went to James’ to see the new PC. Some old lady in a big truck backed into James’ car, which was parked on the street. On a scary note, my car was parked right behind him, and it could’ve been me who got hit! Scaaaaary. Anyway, James and I were joking about how old ladies and big trucks should be taken off the road. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything mean about an old lady, so James suggested that we buy her a really nice cane as a gift, but not give it to her. That way, we can call her and tell her about how nice it is. Good plan.

After that, I got called back to the office, where I gathered together some data for my consolidation meeting at the bank tomorrow. I’m hoping to kill my HSBC loan and Dell loan at the same time, combining it with my main loan. That way, I can have one nice and neat monthly payment, which may enable me to make more payments onto the new main loan. I’ve got a big plan, and it’s hopefully going to make me debt free. Then, I can proudly proclaim, “I’m riiiiiich, biatch!”

Bakuretsu Tenshi - Mizugi Girls!

More cheesecake for the blog. It’s not really a regular thing, I’m just posting pretty pictures on my posts to make them seem more colorful. Is it working?


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  1. witchgoddess says

    Well, I would like to say first, that I never “approved” his computer purchase. We work 50/50 in our home and if he wanted a new computer, then he was going to get one regardless of my “approval” or not. Second of all, why does everyone think that I am some penny pinching bitch? Seriously, if people think that, then they have not looked around at our life or our lifestyle. I would prefer not to have any debt, shouldn’t everyones goal to be out of debt instead of looking for ways to get into it?!? Anyway, thats my rant. Thanks for the pics that you post, I always enjoy them.

  2. Oh-ho, I absolutely agree. Debt is evil, and it’s due to this fact that you won’t be seeing me buy a lot over the next year or so.

    I’m sorry for the confusion, I’ve immersed myself in Japanese culture too much that I forget it doesn’t work that way here. In Japan, the husband brings home the money, and the wife takes it all, giving him a small allowance with which to buy lunch or save it (whichever), and then she allocates the money into bills and other expenditures as she sees fit. There is a folly to having two people deal with the finances in the house, and this is just how I think it should be handled (whether it be the husband or wife doing the accounting).

    I never see you as a penny pinching bitch, but as the sensible part of your marriage. Obviously if James were left to the finances, you’d all possibly be bankrupt within any given time. Hehehe. Just kidding.

    Hey, I appear to be “pinching pennies” nowadays. Does that make me a penny pinching bastard? I should capitalize on that and make it my new nickname! I’m getting awfully sick of being called chicken ball. Haw haw haw!

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