The one with Evanescence.

Evanescence at MTS Centre

The concert rocked! Check out the details at

So, Eugene and I (along with Alex and Leroy in the backseat) headed off to Winnipeg a little after 23:00 on Friday night. It was a long drive with very little sleep (between the drivers, not the two luggage people in the back), and we arrived at around 6:30 in the morning. After dropping them off at the hotel, we headed off to the university campus, and trying to wake Esmond up by cell phone was a different story altogether.


Once we got into Esmond’s dorm room, we slept like the dead until noon, whereupon we grudgingly forced ourselves to get up and get moving. We went to St. Vital first, hitting Montana’s for lunch. After that, we went to the mall, where I bought a WoW game card for Esmond at Wal-Mart, and some manga and GN’s for us at Chapters. Eugene scored the third season of 24 for $40 at HMV. Sch-weet!

After that, it was off to Esmond’s dorm room where we chilled and watched Fantastic Four, then Eugene and I headed out with Leroy to Mother’s Music. It was off to the hotel after that, and we had a little mishap with a broken parking ticket machine, but the concierge at the hotel assured us that we wouldn’t get towed or something like that. I stole internet from the hotel on my PPC, chatting with Dennis and Mindy, and then we ditched our jackets and walked down the street to the MTS Centre, where I met up with Ian and Jazmine. We stood in line for our Evanescence swag (I got a t-shirt and a zip-up hoodie) while Eugene and his “posse” ate at Quizno’s. We missed the opening band, since we didn’t know who they were, and we caught Stone Sour, who were frakking awesome. After that, I found Philly Cheesesteak sitting in the stands (had to chat with him via cell phone), and then I hung out with Ian and Jazmine at their seats. Once Evanescence was on, though, we got right in the crowd and enjoyed the show. No mosh pits or crowd surfing this time around, though, and people made do with cell phones in lieu of cigarette lighters during the ballads.

After the show, we made the cold, long walk to the parkade, dropped Ian and Jazmine off at home, and went to Hooters for late supper. I bit my lip while eating. I hate it when that happens.

Back at the dorm room, Esmond’s friend, John, showed up with the same hairstyle as Leroy. It was hilarious. They were like twins. Esmond took a picture.


I’m excited about this new anime. It’s like Shakugan No SHANA with goth-loli and speculative yuri. Yum. It’s sad that the majority of anime fandom thinks that goth-loli or yuri means hentai. Let me clarify something – it doesn’t. Yuri is merely a romantic element, much like yaoi (which, also, isn’t necessarily hentai). Goth-loli is a fashion statement. Oh, and loli by itself doesn’t imply pedophilia – it has anything to do with kids. A good example of loli is STRAWBERRY Mashimaro. Oh, the cuteness!! >_<

NSFW link ahead.

Kadena Reon
Kadena Reon

Reon-chan’s latest photoshoot with @misty is amazing. She’s really matured since her debut, but she still hasn’t lost her charms. She’s got another DVD coming out next month. I’m still debating on whether I should order it or not…


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