The one with HABANERO-TAN.


I found this hilarious and cute 4-koma called HABANERO-TAN. Amazingly enough, I even found some translated 4-koma. Here are some more of my favorite ones.




This web manga kind of advertises the snack, Boukun HABANERO. I have to admit, it’s quite effective, because I want to buy some to try. Leave it to Japan to turn any kind of food into a snack.

I picked up Dawn Of War – Dark Crusade at Wal-Mart today. Good thing I don’t have to buy it online or when I go to the city. I’m still looking for DOA3 and DOA4 for XBox. I’m also probably going to preorder DOAX2 from EBGames, since I want that Helena figure!

I got in the latest issue of Dengeki G’s magazine on Wednesday. Not only was FEENA on the cover, advertising the Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na anime, but it also came with a bonus FEENA figure. Sweet!

Well, I figure I overdid it with the loli images this time around, so I’ll post some normal NSFW ecchi for the boys (and some girls).

Fate/stay night - Tousaka Rin in a tube
Fate/stay night – Tousaka Rin in a tube

Sexy – a tube never looked so inviting before. Rin’s not my most favorite female character in the series, mostly because of her design, but I do like her tsundere personality. w00t!

XENOSAGA - Uzuki Shion and KOS-MOS
XENOSAGA – Uzuki Shion and KOS-MOS

Hooray for naked apron cosplay and game babes (while hinting at a yuri pairing)!


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  1. Le Hong Hopkins says

    Hello there. I like the habanaro-tan and the wallflower sect. i did not kno that the wallflower was an anime as well. ^_^ now i want to see it. ^_^ i’m almost done with reading the manga, but waiting for the next volumes to come. ^_^

  2. At last count, there are 16 volumes of the manga since July, and I’m pretty sure it’s still being serialized in Bessatsu. Yes, you have to watch the anime – it is as faithful to the manga as most anime are not. Also, the OP and ED songs are performed by Kiyoharu!! Hayakawa-sensei must have had a spasm when she found that out. ^^

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