The one with half of a hell of a lot of people.

Yotsuba To! - Go, robot!!
Yotsuba To! – Go, robot!!

Yotsuba cracks me up. That’s why I’m posting this. I wonder if ADV will ever release volumes 4 and 5. If you’ve never heard of a weird kid who does weird things, gets herself into all these unbelievable situations, AND comes out unscathed, then you should read Yotsuba To! It’ll blow your mind.

I believe I owe somebody an explanation. I’m not sure who, but in a lifetime, you can piss off a hell of a lot of people, and since I’m close to that halfway mark of my lifetime (yeah, I plan to kill myself when I’m 60 – or when organs just randomly start failing), I figure I’ve pissed off half of a hell of a lot of people. So, to those half of a hell of a lot of people, I apologize sincerely and beg for your forgiveness for however I may have wronged you in the past.

I watched Lucky Number Slevin and The Sentinel at James H’s place this weekend. I also went to the bank to get my bills all consolidated – I got a lot more than what I bargained for, but in the end, it was worth it. Not only will I get my HSBC loan and Dell loan paid off, I’ll get my credit cards paid off as well. Best of all, it was approved on the same day. I go in again tomorrow to do the signing and get my money.

Yesterday was the best day ever. I got my share of productivity and vegging all done. First, I got all my backups done (which I started on Saturday). Then, I started working on an old story I wrote a long time ago – it was finished, but the work was so dated that I decided to update it and give it a new life. I worked on that in and out during the whole of the day. Then, in between writing, I watched four episodes of KERORO Gunsou while snacking. In between that, I did the laundry and dishes. In the evening, I did two deliveries at the restaurant – and while waiting for them to cook, I brought my laptop with me to continue writing. I also managed to finish reading volume 4 of Hagaren (Hagane No Renkin Jutsushi). Not a huge accomplishment in that department, but consider the fact that I read the first three manga in between deliveries on Saturday evening. As the evening settled into late night, I continued to write this new story of mine. What started out as an editing job has become a complete rewrite. I love the new personalities that I’ve given to the characters. I mean, they were there, but I took away the subtleties. I have no idea how much longer I plan to make it, but it’s definitely doubled in size ever since I worked on it – and I’m still 1/3 of the way through the original plotline. If you’re curious, the story is a high school comedy/romance with some eroticism thrown in for good measure, but the story is evolving into so much more. Comedy, that is. I’ve really matured as a writer over the years, despite my lack of practicing it. Unlike Ian, who stretched forwards by leaps and bounds in his skills, I’ve stagnated, staying in one spot, never changing in size, but filling up all the possible empty spots in my being. Cool metaphor, eh? That’s what I’m talking about.

Anyway, it’s Pete’s last day at work, and we have a lunch scheduled, so I can’t be late. More updates later.

Ikki Tousen - Sexy Housen Ryofu
Ikki Tousen – Sexy Housen Ryofu

Anime cheesecake of the day. Try not to bite, she bites back… hard.


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  1. That robot thing looks so cute. :3

    I love HagaRen! Have you seen the anime version? It starts off the same, but it branches off midway. I think this is possibly one of the few series where I love both anime and manga (although the ending of the anime was a bit iffy.) But I highly recommend both. ^^

  2. Go, robot!! Yotsuba is both cute and mischievous. I want to make a cardboard robot too.

    I’ve only seen the first two episodes of it, and you’re right, it’s pretty much the same as the manga at that point. I actually wasn’t all that interested in it until I saw that the movie was out on DVD, and that’s when I decided to try reading the manga – my brother has the first 8 volumes. The manga is so hilarious! I love those little bonus pages at the end. I might give the anime another try later.

  3. I just picked up Volume 9 of Hagaren, so if you see Tony any time soon and he has Volume 9, just ignore that one. ^_^

    P.S. – The movie is actually really interesting at the moment. I didn’t watch all of it, because I haven’t gotten that far in the anime yet, so I’ll wait until I’m caught up before watching it. That means you downloading more, please. ^_^

  4. Working on it. ^^

    Oh yeah, and Tony got in three of the Bleach volumes you were missing. I\’ll pick them up for you when I get some money. Also… when is the Sojourn GN due to be out?

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