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Komokyun!! - TOUA, NATSUKI, and AKINO
Komokyun!! – TOUA, NATSUKI, and AKINO

In the latest tech news, HP is going to acquire Voodoo PC. I do have to admit, they are a better choice than Alienware (you heard me, Dell) and ever since that whole HP scandal, it’s nice to hear some good news about HP for once.

Nodame CANTABILE - Food of DEATH.

If you see this pot of death, and you recognize it well, then you already know what I’m going to rant about. The Ranma Nibun No Ichi dorama! Okay, okay, that was just a cruel prank. I’m actually talking about the Nodame CANTABILE dorama. It was released just a few days ago, so… yay! Or not. I haven’t seen it yet – work has kept me busy this past week. I’ve been stuck in the office for the past two days until late at night, and I’m not even getting paid overtime for it. In addition, I’ve been getting very little sleep this week, so I’m extremely exhausted too. In fact, right now, I’m dozing off while typing up this post. However, I can still work like that – just not very quickly, that’s all.

Onegai MY MELODY - Yumeno Koto
Onegai MY MELODY – Yumeno Koto

Onegai MY MELODY - Yumeno Koto
Onegai MY MELODY – Yumeno Koto again.

Since when does loli have to be classified as hentai? I love the cute kind of loli – where the loli characters are as cute as possible and make you want to hug them to death.

I went to Wal-Mart today and they finally got in Mortal Kombat Armageddon for XBox, so I picked it up along with the latest Jakalope album, born4. So far, the album is not that great – it has too much of a folk-rock sound to it, and almost none of the synth that was present in their first album. As for MKA, I haven’t played it yet. I’m too tired to concentrate on a game, so I’m just mellowing out at the moment. I might watch Nodame after a quick shower. The restaurant isn’t busy right now, so I can finally relax.

Speaking of music, I finally got around to ripping all the J-Pop CDs I’ve received since September. I finally gave a listen to some of them – the new Hirano Aya single, Asu No PRISM, was quite outstanding with its rock similar to her Gekichuu Kashuu SINGLE for Haruhi. I also really enjoyed GARNET CROW’s THE TWILIGHT VALLEY, Okui Masami’s evolution, and even Fukuda Saki’s debut album, Sakippo. I also ripped all the I’ve/GENEON discs I ordered – MELL’s single was outstanding, and Shimamiya Eiko’s latest album was good. The only album I didn’t like was C.G mix – a male voice singing for I’ve sound is just wrong. To me, anyway.

My eyes are drooping, so I’d better cut this one short. I’d take a nap, but then I wouldn’t be able to get to sleep tonight.

RAGNAROK ONLINE - Sexy Mage with bunny ears and Poring earrings!
RAGNAROK ONLINE Wallpaper – Sexy Mage with bunny ears and Poring earrings!

I miss playing RAGNAROK ONLINE, but I’ve been spoiled by the game mechanics of WoW. If only RO had something more going for it – like ero!

Kao No Nai Tsuki - Kuraki Suzuna
Kao No Nai Tsuki Wallpaper – Kuraki Suzuna

An eroge that recently spawned a hentai anime series! Thank goodness – it slightly bothers me when eroge gets turned into anime and the ero parts are removed. Look at Fate/stay night for example. No naked RIDER, SABER, or Sakura! T_T

Rin scares me.


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