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KOTOKO - Re-sublimity
KOTOKO – Re-sublimity

I never realized this, but I seem to have quite a bit of an I’ve collection. If you don’t know who I’ve is, they’re a techno-trance group famous for their eroge/anime theme songs and BGMs. Of all the artists in their group, you may recognize KOTOKO, who is the most famous of them. Anyway, I’ve been hooked on I’ve (gosh, this can get confusing) for a while now, and I’ve amassed a bit of a collection (all first pressings and limited editions too) – I already have all of KOTOKO’s releases, all of Kawada Mami’s releases, PEKO’s Endless Loop, the BALDR FORCE EXE RESOLUTION single, and the STARSHIP OPERATORS single. All I have left to get are MELL’s single, the first C.G MIX album, PEKO’s Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni single and ULYSSES mini album (which is now almost impossible, because VANILLA was only included in the now OOP first pressing >_<), and all six I’ve GIRLS COMPILATION albums. Piece of cake. Not. I didn’t even mention the other releases like SHORT CIRCUIT and OZONE. Fubu-grass!! Well, at least I have PEKO’s first album, and KOTOKO’s next two releases preordered. I couldn’t resist – I ordered the only three limited editions I needed from Yesasia (EDIT: I also ordered the Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni single – my GENEON I’ve collection is now complete!). They show ULYSSES as being the first pressing, because the track listing has VANILLA in it. I’m crossing my fingers and adding to cart. Yes, I made enough in deliveries this weekend to cover the cost of it, plus I still have deliveries to do today.

Suzumiya HARUHI No Yuu Utsu - Character Cast
Suzumiya HARUHI No Yuu Utsu – Character Cast

This Wired article is pretty freaky stuff. We’re getting into some crazy-ass sci-fi biotechnology here. Either that, or they’re adopting Haruhi-ism.

Helped the guys at TS with inventory. At first, I started counting for the first hour, but then I got moved to inputting batch lists. I went there at around 22:15, probably got started at 22:30, and was there until around 4:30. Heck, even the rest of the staff left an hour before I did. I suddenly remembered why I hated inventory, but to be fair, the guys were screwing around more than counting. Lance kept grumbling about how he was there for 12 hours, but I wonder how much of that time was actual work done? From a consumer’s point of view, I find Lance to be the most unprofessional employee there, and he doesn’t seem to like making an effort to help you out. I’ve already had several people come to me to complain about his poor service level (you know, I haven’t worked at TS for almost a year (and before that, another year, when it was still RS), so why tell me anything about it?), and even if he comes up in a conversation, they usually have nothing good to say about him. But, I digress.

Everytime I talk to Ian, he’s always talking about inventory coming up or inventory that just passed. Isn’t that weird? I have a feeling that one of these days, I’m gonna visit him on an inventory weekend and get corralled into helping out. Hahaha. Well, I guess the only way he could convince me to help out is if he promises to play Fireball in the store when we’re done (a.k.a. Crazy Lawsuit Game). ^_~

Ar tonelico - Hot Girls
Ar tonelico – Sekai No Owari De Utai Tsuzukeru Shoujo – Hot Girls

The babes of Ar tonelico, now in 2-D Sports Illustrated! Hahaha. They are quite hot. Gaming girls like the ones from DEAD OR ALIVE or RUMBLE ROSES are becoming a selling point for these games nowadays. I have no right to judge, though, I buy and play eroge instead of FPS games. Byaaah!!!


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  1. I agree with everything you said.

    but there is a sayign that “you know who your friends are when it comes to askign them to help you move” well in our case its more like you know who your friends are when they are willing to spend countless hours helping with inventory!!

    thanx dood

  2. Thanks for making my Saturday night a living hell, dude. Hahaha.

    By the way, did you check out that Wired article I posted above? Maybe you can grow your tooth back, man! Don’t mind me, I’m just joshing.

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