The one with Liam.

At 11:54pm, Thursday June 14th, Liam Quinlann Rhomyk-Rountree came squalling into the world. And right on time, too. Born smack-dab in the middle of Gemini, and on a New Moon to boot, Liam weighed in at a very healthy 9 pounds, 7 ounces! He’s all torso, long fingers and crystal eyes, has a smattering of strawberry blond curls, and a perfect little old man face. He and Jazmine are resting the Women’s Hospital in HS Cafter what turned out to be nearly five hours of honest labour, though Jaz has been in the ward since early Wednesday morning.

More details and phone-calls will be forthcoming in the morning, after I’ve had some much-needed sleep. I can be reached at 296-1487 (cell) or 453-4166 (home) if anyone needs anything. But please, not before 8am or so, unless it’s urgent.

(New Papa) Ian

Congrats to Ian and Jazmine, two of my very bestest friends in the whole world, for their hard work and patience to bring new life into the world! I only wish I could have been there, but it was too last minute for me to get time off from work. Regardless, when I’m in the city for Transformers next month, I’ll get a chance to see the baby. Yay for baby!


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