The one with MAKA-MAKA.

MAKA-MAKA - Jun and Nene
MAKA-MAKA – June and Nene

I started reading the manga, MAKA-MAKA, today. The art, although good, appears to be influenced by American comics. Even more un-Japanese is the fact that it’s completely colored. Lots of steamy hentai yuri action in this one, so it’s not for the faint of heart. However, it’s not downright graphic, and because love, sex, and communication are the key elements here, you can’t really expect sex to be left out or toned down. The story is great – emotional, erotic, romantic, innocent, and jubilant all wrapped into a nice package. Highly recommended for yuri otaku, or for those with an open mind.

Took it easy at work today. I did no work at all. Unfortunately, the calls piled up and I now have double the work to do. Crap, that wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Fate/stay night - SABER (Ugetsu Hakua style)
Fate/stay night – SABER (Ugetsu Hakua style)

When I say Ugetsu Hakua style, I meant that he’s the artist of this particular image. Can you tell?

This is hilarious. I’m so accustomed to using my iPod that when I picked up my phone, the Razr V3, I tried to use the “click wheel”. Hahaha, give me a dunce hat already.

Ordered Joshikousei “GIRL’S HIGH”, the third and final limited edition DVD box set. I didn’t get any notification of its release, so I missed the Preorder and the first pressings. Well, not much that can be done about it now, but I want to get it so I can finally finish the collection.

NSFW images ahead, but I also have an Xbox 360 rant in there as well.

DEAD OR ALIVE Wallpaper - Kasumi, LEI FANG, and Ayane in ecchi poses!
DEAD OR ALIVE – Kasumi, LEI FANG, and Ayane in H poses!

Speaking of which, DEAD OR ALIVE XTREME 2 is available for preorder. I’m highly tempted, especially since EBGames is offering a Helena figure with preorders. Damn. I originally wanted to get a Japanese XBox 360, but it’s a lot of money involved, so I might be breaking down and getting a US one when the price drops. As for playing Japanese games, I’d just wait until the solderless mod chips are made available. Who knows? Microsoft apparently glues the area of the PCB where the soldered connections are supposed to be made as a counter-measure. I honestly don’t understand why region locking is in effect. Games cost the same anywhere (read: frakking expensive), so why limit what games we can play if we don’t have a language barrier? I blame whoever designed the whole region locking idea in the first place, movie-wise and game-wise. I hope they’re… uhh… wallowing somewhere and feeling guilty about it! You, uh… suck!
Anyway, my gripe is, most of us honest gamers are stuck importing consoles just to play import games, which is bull. We should be able to import games and play them on our localized consoles with NO TRICKS involved. Then again, I’m just griping.


LUCY is so hot. I want one when I grow up. XD


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