The one with nothing – absolutely nothing.

Touhou Doujin - Head Door Guard 1
Touhou Doujin – Head Door Guard 1

So, after a busy Saturday at St. Vital, I spent all of yesterday doing nothing. Absolutely nothing, and it was everything I ever dreamed it could be.

Ian woke up, and I woke up right after. After that, I don’t remember what I did. Did I surf for pr0n or something? I think so. Anyway, Jazmine got home and we went for lunch at Nikos (Greek food stuffs). Then we went back to the apartment where I tried to play FF12, but I kept falling asleep. Jazmine took off sometime before that to a staff party.

After it got dark (I don’t remember what time it was), Esmond fell asleep (yes, he stayed over for the weekend). After waking up, I decided to pop in Superman Returns. We watched that until Ian came back from work, then we went to Seven Eleven and bought $50 worth of junk food (for supper O_O). We watched Accepted while munching until Jazmine came back from her staff party, and then we hung out while Ian played FF12 some more. Talk about a day full of doing nothing!

Touhou Doujin - Head Door Guard 2
Touhou Doujin – Head Door Guard 2

The next morning wasn’t so hot. Even though we slept late (I don’t even know how late), I woke up at 7:00 and I read Imadoki! until my pager went off. Uhh… what? Calls were coming through on my pager, so I committed them and called Stan, who informed me that I was supposed to leave my pager back in my office for my relief to use it. So… oops. I quickly got dressed, used Navigo to plot my bus route, and high tailed it to work (technically, not work, since I don’t work at that office), where I dropped my pager off with the delectable Marcia, who is so hot, I’d quit my job just to… umm, well, no need to go any further. ^_^;

I hung around and chatted with all the people I’ve spoken to on the phone but never met in person – Gayle, John, Tom, Armando, and Steve. As it turns out, Tom was on his way out to do a call, so he drove me back to the apartment since it was on the way (it probably wasn’t, but he’s a cool guy).

When I got back, we all planned to go to Dim Sum for brunch, and send Esmond back to University, since he already missed his morning class, no thanks to his useless friend. We all took the same bus out and made sure that Esmond transferred to the right bus. That ended up with the rest of us going to eat at Kum Koon Garden, with a quick detour to Oriental Market for some quick groceries. When we got back to the apartment, we ate more junk food (for lack of any supper ideas), and watched Friends on DVD.

We also managed to squeeze in An Inconvenient Truth. Definitely a real eye-opening documentary. If you haven’t seen this, watch it. Rent it, buy it, download it, copy it, I don’t care – watch this movie and then show it to your friends and family. The very planet we live on is at stake.

Now it’s late, I’m tired and not feeling well, and Ian has insomnia and is playing FF12 again.

Touhou Doujin - Head Door Guard 3
Touhou Doujin – Head Door Guard 3

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve really gotten into Touhou doujin. That stuff is hilarious! I have some of the games downloaded, but I haven’t played any of them yet. Maybe when I get back. If they’re good enough, I might break down and buy actual copies, since they’re cheap enough.

NSFW link ahead. No clickie if you’re not mature enough to see tastefully naked girls. I can’t be held responsible if you do it anyway.

Tila Nguyen
Tila Nguyen

A very hot Asian girl, and James G is actually the one who found her, so mad props to my homie for this one.

Handa Sasa
Handa Sasa

I had to toss up another image of this lovely lady. I… love… titties, BYAAAH!


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